Monday , August 2 2021

(VIDEO) SERIES LEAGUE NATION PLAY-OFF! "Eagles" has allowed Litvinci to qualify for Division B!

The Serbian will play the match at the semi-finals of the playoff, if it does, if it does not get the title. Eventually they would play against Scotland or Finland.

After desperate for the first 45 minutes, the "Eagles" led Lithuanians. The Serbian wins the rallying pit, and seven minutes later, Aleksandar Mitrovic, the best Nation League winner with six goals, Zivkovic doubled after the center.

Lithuanians made a quick start, but in the 64th minute, Petteriovich reduced the player to Rajkovic after 2: 1. But Serbia was not panic.

Only three minutes were invited to keep guests. First, Ljubovic started the game in the second half of the match, winning two goals from Serbia. Zivkovic also scored. Three minutes later, Prijović played Ljajić, the main win (4: 1).

In the next round, Serbia will be Serbia B, Germany, Croatia, Poshlia, Russia, Austria, Wales, Scotland and Norway.

SERBIA – LITUANIA 4: 1 (0: 0)

Competitions: Žulpa 51ag, Mitrovic 58, Prijovic 71, Ljajić 74 – Petrevicius 64.

Stadium: FK Partizan. Referee: Kristo Tohver (Estonia).

SERBIA: Rajkovic, Rukavina, Milenkovic, Rodic, Maksimovic, Lukic (77. Fejsa), Zivkovic, Ljajić (82. Aleksic), Gacinovic (46. Prijovic), Mitrovic.

LITHUANIA: Shetkus, Baravikas, Girdvainis, Janusevskis, Slavickas, Žulpa, Kazlauskas, Vorobjovas, Sirgedas, Petravičius, Černih.


Second part

82 & # 39; Adem Ljajic substitutes another retirement option, in ten years of Serbian Daniel Aleksic.

77 & # 39; A further change in the Serbian group, Lukic changes Fayce.

74 & # 39; GOAL! Ljajic hits 4: 1. There is no further dilemma, Serbia is the first team 4 and the Nationals League playoffs go. Divan pas Prijović Ljajićek lobbied the Lithuanian goalkeeper.

71 & # 39; GOAL! Prijović Serbia leading 3: 1! The Serbian attacker scored two more goals for the eagles.

68 & # 39; A brilliant combination with the players of Serbia, Ljajić was fifth, and Mitrovic caught one goal in the penalty area, but he was throwing himself at goal.

64 & # 39; GOAL! Lithuania reduced to 2: 1 Rajkovic played very poorly from the center of Lithuania to the right, and Petravizo's leg fell the ball, shaking the eagle's net.

58 & # 39; GOAL! Serbia leader 2: 0 is the sixth goal of Aleksandar Mitrovic in the League of Nations. On the right, Živković kept the ball and Aleksandar Mitrovic jumped the second tripod and started the "eagles".

57 & # 39; The Serbian doubled, but Prijović scored.

51 & # 39; GOAL! Serbia 1: 0 is the leader! After focusing on Žulpa corner Ljajić, he reacted badly, trying to save Milenković oil, and shook his head.

47 & # 39; Serbia had another attempt in the first half, but Velikovic narrowed slightly and stopped Rodić's plans.

46 & # 39; In court Aleksandar Prijović replaced Gaćinović.

Rumania leads to Podgorica against Montenegro, and Serbia is now the second.


First part

45 & Nbsp; The Serb players finished half the time but did not give any results. Lithuanians are well-defended, there are no changes in the results.

41 & # 39; Mitrovic has made the first attempt at the match, but unfortunately Lithuania's goal is very harmful.

34 & # 39; Often, Serbia is punishing the guests' failure. After a break, Maksimović sent Ljajic to the center, but the ball stopped.

32 & # 39; This is not good. "Eagles" was lucky now. Januševskis remained alone, and kicked off, but Rajković kept supporting the "eagles" with a cross and prevented Lithuania leadership.

30 & # 39; Damages, damages! Ljajić scored on a marvelous cross pass penalty area, But it was not accurate, though this was difficult.


29 & # 39; Prete Lithuanians. Petkovski is a great fit, but thankfully, Rajković sent the ball to the corner.

26 & # 39; Bad! Lukić shot about 15 meters, but very poorly, Shetkus goalkeeper in Lithuania easily penetrated the ball and eliminated the danger.

22 & # 39; Another hope for our players, but Ljajic got a bad dog and did not endanger the Lithuanian goal.

20 & # 39; A solid Serbian action, a good Rodic Gaćinovic dog, but Ljajic did not play.

16 & # 39; Serbia played the first game, but Litvanci was an easy task.

12 & # 39; Slavickas has sent Serbia to the ball, but the Serbs are jeopardizing the selective team.


10 & # 39; A ten-minute drive, unrealistically abandoned on the field, it is very difficult for players to play.

5 & ​​# 39; The first attempt in Lithuania, Černih, started to kick after a right leg, but the ball ended.

1 & # 39; The game started!

– Antonio Rukavina is captain of Serb in Lithuania, for the first time in his career.

– Partizan is less than a hundred fans in the stadium.


– Belgrade is cold, somewhat earlier than zero. Of course, this visit will be reflected. Half an hour before the start of the match, there are more than 2,000 fans.

Here is the composition of Serbia:

– Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic can score the Lithuanian United Nations against Lithuania. In addition, Jura Movisisyan, Armenian striker, Stanislav Drahun Belarus and Haris Seferovic, Swiss football player. Their teams participated in the League of Nations.

– Today's birthday celebrates one of the best soccer players in Serbia, Dusan Tadic. In thirty seconds, we hope you will be a good game.

Representatives of Serbia will be able to meet 1,125,000 Euros in the Soccer Union if they win a Hummus in Lithuania.

The original EU Union plan won 750,000 euros, but it was doubled in competition, winning the last European Championship for UEFA win.

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