Monday , January 25 2021

Volskwagen ID.3 – The best-selling electric car in Europe

Volkswagen holds the record again.


Photo: Volkswagen promo

Photo: Volkswagen promo

According to Jato Dynamics, 1,127,624 new cars were sold in Europe last month, which is 7% less than in October 2019, Autoblog wrote.

26.8% of the total number of new cars sold was with some type of electricity.

The cars that sold the most electricity in October were light hybrids, accounting for 32% of all electrified vehicles sold.

Sales of hybrid vehicles were lower in October than in the same month last year, but the share of connected hybrids rose from 21% to 24%, and the registration of fully electric models rose from 21% to 25%.

The best-selling electric model in October was the Volkswagen ID.3, with 10,475 units sold.

In second place is the Renault Zoe with 9,778 units, and in third place with 5,261 Hyundai Kona Electric.

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