Thursday , June 8 2023

Vučević 22 points Orlando's new defeat, Anthony finally "exploded"


Nikola Vučević re-influenced Orlando's new defeat at Los Angeles Clippers at Medzik 95-120.

The Montenegrin basketball won 22 points and 11 rebounds in the park in 32 minutes, with three blocks.

The Doka Rivers decided that Boban Marjanovic was the beginner, and 10 points and 11 rebounds in the Serbian center were 23 minutes long. Within 17 minutes Milos Teodosic got six points, three asses and four balls from the bench.

In Clippers' convincing victory, Lu Williams scored 28 points and Tobias Herist scored 21 points.

Carmelo Entoni finally "took" the Rokitsa jersey. Houston, James Harden weakened with failure, managed to win the hot rookie Brooklyn 119-111.

Within 31 minutes, Entoni scored 28 points on the floor with nine attempts from six innings. Chris Paul led the Houston team to another win in seven matches with 32 points, 11 passes and seven forked balls.

Oklahoma City welcomed Dwight Howard in Washington, defeating 134-111 home team.

The Wizards Center scored 20 points, three rebounds among returners, and Bradley Bila scored 27 points almost the best in the defeated team.

Russell Westbruck was awarded 23 points for Dabl-dabl and 12 for Tander.

Golden State has secured a safe victory over Minnesota 116-99 in the night derby.

Kevin Durent was the best of the new Voriors' victory at home, with 33 points, 13 rebounds and three points, while Stef Kari scored 28 points in spite of the weak spider's night in three-point trials (4/12).

Other results:

Chicago – Indiana 105-107
Dallas – New York 106-118
Utah – Memphis 100-110
Phoenix – Toronto 98-107

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