Monday , January 25 2021

We are still infected, we are experimentally VIDEO

Thirty years have elapsed since the NATO Struggles against the NATO Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FRY) began. Do we know the consequences?

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In 78 days, 2,500 people were killed, 6,000 civilians were injured, and huge amounts were ten thousand million dollars. What is the link between cancer patients and the exhausted uranium?

Dr. Mirjana Anelkovi Luki, a drill for explosives, says that bombs are still infected with Serbia.

"The spillage of oil spillage into the airborne vessels is buried and buried, that is, an experiment is alive."

Professor Alek Rai says the bombing was really an experiment at NATO.

"First of all, the 1991 bombing of Iraq was carried out with exhausted uranium, which means that in 1995 Bosnia and Herzegovina continued the experiment, and in 1999, petrochemical and energy plants bombarded the aunt as aunt by aunt and bombarded it by aunt stannitvo. ".

Rai said in December 2002 he was looking for a detailed bomb composition, but it does not mean that NATO hides it.

"A direct aunt of war is $ 105 billion, they gave me the prime minister," the doctor added.

The documentary of the documentary "Experiment naivo", which is broadcast today on Prva, says that Miloje Nei has talked about the 40 interviewees of mice and patients.

Whether bombings have had more radiological or chemical contamination, why reflect the data on the measurement of radiation and health against silent coatings? And was this bombing really an experimental experience? Answers to some questions may be found in Jutro TV's First Attachment, and more specifically in "Vivo in the Experiment".

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