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What is most important to show your diet results?

The researchers propose a new way of looking at kilograms loss.

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Photo: TijanaM / Depositphotos

Photo: TijanaM / Depositphotos

Recent investigations respond to the question of the day in which you want to regulate body weight. It seems that the human organism does not respond to the same foods differently, if we eat at different times.

For this reason, if you believe in the claims of the researcher, changing the food's time, and not on your plate, you can get the weight you want.

"In the following years, you will see a lot of research on this issue," says Johnathan Johnston, PhD thesis at the University of the Princeton University.

At the start of the investigation, we all had a "clock" of the brain, what we call the supra-azimuth nucleus, which is full of fatigue or energy. However, recently, scientists have found clocks in the bodies that work on each cell in the clock, writing dream.

"All types of processes are affected by these internal clocks," explains Gerda Pot, guest lecturer at Nutrition Science at Kings College in London, hunger, digestion, blood sugar and metabolism.

Photo: Syda_Productions / depositphotos

Photo: Syda_Productions / depositphotos

This means that our body naturally has the best time to handle the best food.

"If you are badly eating, you can increase the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases, such as diabetes," Gerda added.

Surrey University survey last year demanded that half of the respondents have spent 90 minutes of breakfast and dine 90 minutes earlier than usual. In this way, scientists found that more participants than those who ate at that time were less fat, although both teams consumed the same amount of calories.

The second study in 2018 ran between 10 weeks and 6pm during 12 weeks of overweight, three-day calories a week, and lost about 3% of body weight. what you want.

Instead of just counting the calories you put into your body over the day instead of paying more attention at the time you eat it.

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