Thursday , December 9 2021

When a BMW scooter becomes a PHOTO


Florida-based company Nmoto has created a design that turns the BMW C400X scooter into a functional work of art.


Photo: Nmoto promotion

Photo: Nmoto promotion

The BMW C400 X is an ordinary scooter, nothing separates it and Nmoto has created the “Golden Age”. what does that really mean?

The Florida company replaced the standard body of the scooter and made a retro version, so the engine resembles a prototype R7 from the 1930s and is really tempting.

We haven’t gotten too many details about this foreign scooter, but what we do know is that it weighs 35 hp, is light in weight and has a great drive in the city, so we can expect the first models in the spring of 2021.

Photo: BMW promo

Photo: BMW promo

While the Obini C400X has a poisonous, angular body, the Golden Age kit has a round art-deco design with protective covers that cover the front and rear currents.

There are also large crown lighthouses, custom windshields and a flat seat.

Customers can order this model in multi-color combinations.

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