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& # 39; Unable to see Yearly Quote Unlisted & # 39 ;: Heng Answers Respond to 2019 Budget

SINGAPORE: The Singapore government proposes a long-term approach to the country's budget and a "future strategic financial plan" for the future can not be seen, Heng Swee Keat Minister of Finance has said that it has appeared in its budget debate. Thursday (February 28).

"This year there is nothing new, you and your family have benefited from all our budgets," said the people said that there was nothing in this budget. of them

FIRST: Is the quote 2019 a quote? & # 39; I do not guess that's the basis, "says Heng Swee Keat

For example, young people have achieved a stronger support in education, housing and childhood, as well as the opportunities that the economy brings.

Parents can receive, for example, up to $ 18,000 and $ 32,000 marriage and parent benefits for each child's candidate, paid maternity leave and paternity leave, tax benefits, and pre-school support.

Middle income households, especially those who have been assisting parents of their retired children, have also accepted schemes.

Among these, Merdeka is the only Generation Package, to reduce the cost of health for parents and to facilitate tax return for S $ 200.

"Middle income and higher income also say that the S $ 200 tax declaration is vain and they do not have much benefit," said Heng.

"But we should not forget that, in general, the income tax remains small, for those who earn."

Heng said the Government's approach to the long-term budgetary planning could not be seen in the isolation every year.

"Our budgets are based on budgets earlier," he said in the Parliament. "Every year we have a plan that systematically focuses on priorities."

PRESIDENCY: Opening of the Budget Debate in the middle of parliamentary speeches

In this budget, he mentioned the efforts to tackle climate change and meet the needs of different groups of people.

The Minister said he was "happy" that many members of Parliament asked me "what is it for us, Singapore?", But "what is it for me?"

"The 2019 budget and budgets budget is to build Singapore better in Singapore," says Heng.

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