Wednesday , September 22 2021

A 94-year-old man was taken away from the 90-year-old operation in Geylang’s crime-fighting operation

SINGAPORE: A 94-year-old man has been charged with several crimes in a multi-agency operation this week for carrying out criminal activities in Geylang among nearly 90 people, police said in a press release on Sunday (December 6th).

A total of 62 men and 27 women are being investigated after the operation, which took place from December 1 to December 6, according to the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

There are 20 men who were investigated for crimes related to the sale of illegal drugs, alleged drug-related crimes and membership in a secret society.

Among them, four men are being investigated for crimes committed under the Health Products Act.

“They seized cough syrups and a variety of sexual enhancement brands and other illegal pills worth more than $ 13,800,” police said.

In addition, the 94-year-old was among the 28 people investigated in enforcement efforts against illegal gambling. More than S $ 69,500 worth of money and gambling-related paraphernalia were seized during the operation, police said.

Operation Geylang Dec. 6

The multi-agency enforcement operation for illegal gambling activities took place in December 2020 (photo: SPF)

A 40-year-old woman was also arrested for crimes under the Women’s Charter after a massage parlor was found to be operating without a valid license.

Police also conducted an operation targeting public entertainment outlets that operated illegally amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Thirty-four people were investigated for offenses such as violating COVID-19 rules, while it was forbidden to do so by exploiting public entertainment venues and for failing to comply with security measures to prevent them from complying with public entertainment license and liquor license requirements.

“In this specific operation, one man and five women, aged 16 to 42, were arrested under the Foreign Labor Employment Act,” the police added.

Operation Geylang December 6 (1)

In December 2020, a multi-agency enforcement operation aimed at illegal public show outlets was carried out. (Photo: SPF)

In another case involving unpaid cigarettes, a 42-year-old man was arrested and five cartons and eight packs of cigarettes were seized. The avoided amount was S $ 500 in tax and S $ 40 in Goods and Services Tax (GST), police said.

In the operation against illegal hawking, five people were summoned for the sale of second-hand goods, such as clothes and shoes, in a public place without the permission of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Operation Geylang December 6 (1)

In December 2020, a multi-agency enforcement operation was carried out on illegal public entertainment outlets (photo: SPF)

Police said there are ongoing investigations against all the suspects.

“This operation is part of a multi-agency effort to reduce criminal activity in Geylang,” said Geylang District Police Center Chief Executive Officer and Lee Ting Wei, Deputy Director of Police.

“I appreciate the continued support of enforcement agencies as they go a long way in keeping Geylang safe and tidy.”

The police operation, led by the Bedo Police Division, was assisted by agents from the Department of Criminal Investigation, Central Narcotics Office, Health Sciences Authority, Immigration and Control Authority, Land Transport Authority, Singapore Customs and SFA.

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