Thursday , December 9 2021

Actor Lee Yeon Hee talks to VAST Entertainment and dissolves with SM Entertainment


Actor Lee Yeon Hee is in the interviews VAST Entertainment.

According to reports on Nov. 17, Lee Yeon is leaving Hee SM Entertainment After 19 years, he will sign an exclusive contract with VAST Entertainment, joining the most important actors Hyun Bin, Kim Yoon Ji, Stephanie Lee, and Lee Jae Wook.

An insider said: “Lee Yeon Hee’s contract with SM Entertainment will expire soon. He has had a meeting with several agencies and is currently in discussions with VAST.” SM Entertainment has confirmed, “Our exclusive contract with actor Lee Yeon Hee is coming to an end. We will encourage his activities in the future.”

VAST Entertainment also stated: “It’s true that we are in negotiations, but nothing has been decided.”

In other news, Lee Yeon Hee announced in May that he would tie the knot with a non-celebrity.

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