Tuesday , November 24 2020

Alan Musk’s Mars is a “mistake” and a “lust”

Alan Musk has a mission to make humans A. Several planets Species creating an independent city on Mars.

According to the tech mogul of millions, the spacecraft designed by the SpaceX rocket company could launch its first flight to Mars as soon as 2024. Eventually, the rocket hopes to take people to the Red Planet and to the flesh. Its goal is to build 10 million Martin cities by 2050.

The great filmmaker Werner Herzog believes that this would be a “mistake”.

“I think Alan Musk is a kind of technical spectator himself,” Herzog said. Reverse. “Because he has to sell electric cars. He did amazing. He has to sell his reusable rocket. It’s amazing, he’s doing it. “

However, he added, “I do not agree with him when he controls and preaches the colonization of Mars.”

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One aspect of SpaceX’s planned rocket launch system is the descent from a city on Mars to Earth.


Herzog said humans “shouldn’t be like grasshoppers,” but they should “keep their home.”

Muscat argued that the earth could not live forever and that humanity should be expelled. If the weather crisis does not make our planet more welcoming to human life, a planetary effect can do just that. Although we are lucky, within billions of years, the burnt sun will be boiling in the earth’s oceans and eventually expand to completely swallow our planet.

For Musk, colonizing Mars is the first step in avoiding that fate. Harjog replied that he did not believe it.

“I want to tell everyone, not just Alan Muski,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Thoughts are just lust. “

In the twentieth century he compared the plans of the activist to the rise and fall of communism and fascism.

“Thank God these two huge utopias disappeared,” he said, adding that the same thing would happen in the city of Muscat in March. “Our century will soon end with a technological utopia, like the colonization of Mars.”

However, Herzog said he “would love to go [to Mars] With a camera with a scientist. “

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