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Apple Watch may soon protect users of UV light exposure – Canindia News


San Francisco, November 21 (IANS) New Apple Watch prevents sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer, approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office Patent.

Apple's patented light-sensing systems describe a system that detects rays of light and time over time.

"This system allows the user to offer exposure alerts, including guidelines for preventative measures, if there are too many levels," said AppleInsider on Tuesday.

Once the UV detection function reaches Apple Watch, users have warned them to get out of the sun and have UV lights too long.

The sensor data are converted to analyzers, which includes the full exposure time and how many UV lights the user has undergone, and then the user has alerts.

The new feature would be added to various health benefits associated with Apple Watch Series 4.

Use it in various research studies throughout the world – Unplug the Binge-eating disorder, link hip-hop and knee patients to physicians. Apple Watch retains a new feature called "Fall Detection," when it comes to the emergency contacts stored on your iPhone. You're hard on you.

Watch also has a heart-shaped sensor for two new features: heart-breaking notifications and heartfelt readings.

At that moment, when you are angry – at the office or at home – Watch Series 4 will send you a special message about the heart beat when you start to cool.

A heart-sore electrocardiogram sensor (ECG) can also be used using the ECG application, available in the US later in 2018, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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