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Binding Energy and Uncle Park: Why Vietnam Sounds World Cup

HANOI: The triumphant series has won a dream that Vietnam has made in the World Cup and is an ambition that suddenly is not so far away.

National street parties have rage last year, Vietnam came to the Asian U23 Championship final and won a South East Asian title, but that would not do anything to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

There is not a question of 95 million euros, and they have never never appeared anywhere in the world and are the best in Asia.

Viet Nam succeeded in 2018 in January to reach the final eight rounds of Asia Cup, losing final Japanese finalists and joining the top 100 in the FIFA world rankings.

The Qatar World Cup begins in September and FIFA expects to expand its list of 48 teams, and the emerging star Cong Phuong says Vietnam is ready to take the next step.

"I think it is possible that I have had the good fortune of having unlimited energy, an endless effort and an Asian Cup," said Phuong AFP.

"We have a great spirit from the Vietnam team and with Mr. Park coach, we will definitely be in great help for us."

"Park Lord" park Hang-seo, South Korean coach, took on the national team of Vietnam in 2017.

South Korean Cup members of the 2002 World Cup team, when the hosts came to the semifinals, turned the park into a more discriminating against Vietnam, making it harder and stronger.

Park, named after Uncle Park at home, has become so popular in Vietnam, a documentary on the premiere of its debut in late last year, and was discussed in private calls between Vietnam's Prime Minister and South Korean President.

The South Korean bus park in Vietnam is rewarding and adapting Hang-seo Park

South Korean coach of Vietnam Park Hang-seo team becomes more enthusiastic. AFP / Giuseppe CACACE

At the age of 60, his homeland is well-known, although the latest survey that helped the two nations to come together showed that Vietnam's positive image has been saved by more than 61 people from South Korea. In February 2018, 73.8 percent later.


The arrival of the park was the creation of a new generation of young players, many of them HAGL-Arsenal JMG Academy products in the mountains of Vietnam.

The conglomerate of conglomerate Vietnam conglomerates, which also has a V-League team that joins the gigantic Premier League England, is one of the best in Asia.

Phuong is one of his alumni and has been in the 30 countries for more than 24 years.

"The new wave of talent has come through different age groups," he said.

"Vietnam is constantly investing in the youth system in the last decade," Phuong said. "We are seeing the fruits of this great investment".

Park has driven Vietnamese players out to develop. Phuong has left three of the V-League team players to say farewell to HAGL in South Korea before Incheon United.

Goalkeepers Dang Van Lam and Xuan Truong midfielder joined the Thai giant Muangthong United and Buriram United respectively.

The players that go to the overseas have a positive and necessary step towards soccer in football, helping them to give a new image in Vietnam after the latest scandals over corruption and sharing.

"It's good that Vietnam is an external player," said Phuong.

"We played against Japan (Asian Cup) in the quarter-end and we lost 1-0 when we lost full foreign players, but we would like to compete with them.

"I think that foreigners can go competitive, we want to improve."

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