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Bruno Mars Indonesia sings in the tricks versions

JAKARTA: Bruno Mars launches a Twitter protest on Indonesia's earthquakes in the best provinces and has managed to reduce some of its biggest hits. Ed Sheeran's Megastar classmate had fun in the process.

The West Java broadcasting commission decided in this month that outer songs were only played in 17 air parlors from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m., citing moral concerns.

Limited titles are: Grammy Award winner Mars & # 39; s What I Like and Versace on the Floor, Ed Sheeran's megahit Shape of You and Ariana Grande's Love Me Harder.

"I was Indypina in Indonesia! Here is her illness and pervertido lyrics, our highly developed disease! Thank you Ed. Thank you," funk revivalists said 42 million Twitter followers this week.

In particular, Indonesia is writing an international law, blasphemous and "pornographic" music prohibits content, freedom of speech concerns as the majority of most Muslims in the nation.

In response to the American singer's tweet, Dedeh Fardiah says that "the new rules context" might "have not understood Mars".

The Commission said that the West Java population is about 48 million people and that it is one of Indonesia's most conservative provinces.

"After a review, songs (limited) letters are precisely what the programs can not ventilate (from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.), because they violate the content of sex and lewdness or violate the rules of sexual activity," said Fardiah AFP .

Foreign researchers have found occasional crushed hair loss by conservative religious or cautious Indonesia.

Last year, members of the super-group K-pop Blackpink clad in miniskirts were banned because the National Broadcasting Commission was indecent.

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