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COVID-19: All Singapore residents will receive reusable mask pairs for free from 30 November

SINGAPORE: From Nov. 30, all Singapore residents will be able to collect a free pair of Microbial Masks, under a third such initiative organized by the Temas Foundation.

The new masks are black and come in four sizes, as Temas Holding CEO Ho Ching said in a Facebook post on Thursday (November 19th).

Individuals should know the size of the mask before collecting or pre-ordering the masks.

According to the Temas Foundation’s mask size guide, the best fit for your face can be determined by aligning the center of your eyes with a ruler and measuring the distance below the chin.

black masks are available in small (110mm or smaller), medium (100mm-120mm), large (110mm-130mm) and very large (125mm or larger). A free S-size mask kit will also be available for each child aged eight and under.

People between the two size categories should choose a larger size, he added.

Pickups and pre-orders will begin at 10 a.m. on Nov. 30 and the initiative will end on Dec. 13.

More details will be provided next week, Temas said.

Mdm Ho said Proshield’s latest masks are breathable and antimicrobial.

Face masks are generally of two basic types, Mdm Ho explained in a Facebook post.

The first type is a pleated universal tile mask, a surgical mask like the reusable DET30 mask previously distributed by the Temas Foundation.

The second type is a 3D mask shaped to fit the face.

“It’s similar to the white lion mask of Singapore that was distributed in the national day package for all homes,” Mdm Ho said.

Mdm Ho added that 3D masks will be distributed to third-party distributions that will come in “pockets” as many of these do-it-yourself masks see.

Masks will also come with replacement filters, which can fit into the mask pocket if people prefer to have more protection in crowded places.

These masks are suitable for use when exercising and with proper care can last up to 30 washes or more.

“With proper adjustment, a 3D mask can sit well on the nose, and wrap under the chin, with enough space to breathe, and talk without slipping the mask off the nose,” Mdm Ho said.

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