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David Moyes signed a revelation by Toni Kroos

Published on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 10:00

Former Man Utd boss David Moyes says Toni Kroos signed the summer before avoiding Old Trafford.

Moyes, 55, served Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer of 2013-14, and in April April 2014 he had been dismissed for a period of 10 months when Ryan Giggs had placed a temporary post.

Everton's leader said he signed an international Germany Kroos, recently, Real Madrid signed before the midfielder.

Moyes met his wife and Kroos agreed to make a move, but when Moyes started, he started the deal and Kroos signed a £ 6m deal in Bernabeu for £ 20m.

"Toni Kroos came to Manchester United with me," said Moyes talkSPORT

"I met with him and his wife and agreed to Munich when he was in Munich, but it was only before the end of the season that he entered Real Madrid."

Managing Moyes, Real Sociedad, Sunderland and West Ham, but it did not last for 12 months, he thinks he should spend more time at Old Trafford on any of these roles.

"I think I should spend more time? Of course, I do not", added Moyes. "To attend a club like Manchester United and to follow someone like Sir Alex, he's been there for ten months …

"It was not possible to be a Manchester United revolution, it must have evolved. It was time to take it.

"I did not come and Alex changed all things, but we had to change the club many things.

"Chelsea and Man City made their way through things and changed things – Manchester United won a special coach and won a special team of players.

"But all of this changed, finding the way he should take the time.

"I think that they are still experiencing difficult times."

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