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DBS launches thief investor to promote investors, business news and mainstream stories

SINGAPUR – DBS is the latest bank that employs technology to make it easier for customers to manage and manage their portfolios.

His DBS digiPortfolio is a "non-investor" service on Thursday (February 28), which was paid directly to wealth-makers after a pilot program that began on Monday (February 25) in September.

The client allows you to select an investment portfolio, choose their level of risk, and the investment amount should be less than $ 1,000, with a few clicks to spend time with those in charge of their research or hiring.

It manages the "Robots" portfolio to automate processes, such as reorganizations, running trades, and investment tracking performance under the DBS investment team.

Mr Lim Soon Chong, the head of the DBS Consumer Banking Group and the Managing Leadership for Investment Management Products, said Thursday that 10 Singapore singlets had invested in investment transactions over the past 12 months.

This is, for example, a lack of time, high durability and inertia, due to the tedious process of filling in forms, that many meeting consultants and opportunities are needed.

The platform wants to facilitate this process, especially for the first investors.

Mr Christophe Marciano, the manager of the discretionary management of the portfolio, added that the platform includes the combined skills of investment teams across the bank: "Humans bring good investment strategies, opportunities, and good funds.

"This question is how to give customers this experience and increase the scale, which is a robot-investor, what is it".

Mr Limek said the cost of managing investment portfolio has also been reduced due to the high level of automation. The platform does not charge for sales. When the customer invests $ 1,000, he must manage a 0.75% management plan each year.

Platform DBS will be made for all customers at the end of the year. DBS has 5.2 million retail clients, three million online banks.

Other banks also use technology to help investors.

United Overseas Bank Asset Management updated its digital consulting service in October to allow corporate clients to invest in a personalized portfolio.

The OCBC started its service in August to inform the client about the risk of hunger. The cigar investment service portfolio is recommended. The service automatically controls each wallet and periodically balances assets if necessary.

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