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Elon Musk tweet can be used as Tesla CEO

NEW YORK: US stock regulators and chief Mercurial Tesla, Elon Muskek, have been mistreated by employers to become the CEO of the electric car dealer.

Musk, 47, is a self-employed and inventor, but it is very difficult, especially in the Twitter social network, where often communicated the defiance of imposed rules imposed by publicly traded businesses.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday (February 25) violates the terms of an accused agreement avoiding sending any tweet that may affect Tesla's share price between regulatory agencies and agencies.

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On February 19, Tesla tweeted 500,000 cars in 2019, up to now, in exchange for more than 400,000 companies, the model is due to 3 production problems.

Muskas led four hours later, saying Tesla would say about 400,000 cars this year: "At the end of 2019 the nominal production rate is probably about 500k."

But this amendment was not enough for a federal judge, it was given two weeks to Musk why he had to refrain from violating the SEC agreement.


"There is no general direction to survive," said Charles Elson, a corporate governance corporation at the University of Delaware.

"If the board wants to deal with the problem, its executive responsibilities should be as serious as mitigation in Musk, at least in a short space of time," said Stephen Davis, Harvard Corporate Governance Program.

For Davis, managers of public business are responsible for providing accurate information.

"You have specific responsibilities to be precise … if the information is not accurate, the question arises, is it appropriate for a public company to start up?"

Last year, when he undertook an investigation into Tesla and Musk in Tesla and Musk, he undertook a private Tesla, and now he had to finance it, which proved to be false, but the investors who bet on the company lost millions.


In order to charge scams, President Musk Tesla resigned, and the company had to pay US $ 20 million dollars, and SEC asked for its use of social media.

"We are skeptical (Tesla)," said Garratt Nelson CFRA Research, "in particular, his new board of directors resigned last week's social questions.

"Musks would be punishments additional, which could take all measures: fines, social restrictions or worse."

February 19 tweet "was, of course, what (Tesla) has been achieved for a short time, it also opens the door that threatens Musk's attitude," said Canaccord Genuity analyst Jed Dorsheimer.

Musk's punishment could be tough for secrecy credibility as an investor interest rate, as Davis says.

"It's not just about Elon Musk. I think at the end of the day that the SEK also sends a corporate headline signal, the market access information is just as accurate," he added.

According to Musk's reasoning, "if the company collapses and everyone loses, so I can do everything I want," said the SEC does not have to exclude it, Elson said.

"If they do not react to such a good way, they have enforced this problem against other people's laws."

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