Thursday , February 9 2023

NASA can sell tickets for tourists


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There's no idea of ​​traveling to someone's big money for charging space. Russia began charging an excessive wealth chain of $ 20 million in the International Space Station (ISS). As a result, Soyuz rocket was just a practice for charging NASA for each seat, but it will be placed on the table. NASA will soon have access to SpaceX and Boeing spacecraft, and it is recommended to fly space tourists on their own.

As promised by the tourist space, it can be an important source of funding for the agency, as well as the American public. Similarly, it could also help to curb public funding for the 2020 2020 2020 period. NASA's adviser subcommunity made a proposal on Friday, at a meeting, but it is still far from reality.

In the coming years, SpaceX and Boeing expect their crew capsules to be displayed, both on board flights and flights. If everything is foreseen, companies will be allowed to fly astronauts at the International Space Station. However, Boeing has suffered some reactions after a fuel filtration, at the request of small design designs. SpaceX continues to be sure of the outsider to get started in the beginning of 2019.

When the commercial crew crew is activated, NASA would be able to buy seats in Russian Soyuz missions. It would also be a contract for seats of SpaceX and Boeing. The proposal that NASA is working on is calling the agency to renovate some seats for tourist spaces. In the private tourist area it could also charge a premium. Companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin will only offer a few minutes in space to the passenger, but NASA could reach ISS within a few weeks.


NASA's Administration Jim Bridenstin created this undercurrent this year.

Alongside the tourist space proposal, NASA reduces advertising and partnership restrictions with companies. Today, NASA does not place its logo on coupons, as it is seen as a manufacturer's protection. In the future, astronauts may appear in commercials, and NASA names the rights of the rocket. Coca-Cola rockets prepare for the dock!

Probably NASA believes that NASA would be a government agency that has committed itself to exploration and science. I think it's wrong to see the NASA approach to the tourist space, because the seats are used by scientists and engineers with ISS.. Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the NASA, decided to eliminate concerns in subcontracting, saying: "The reality is now we are in a new era."

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