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Researchers add nerve fibers to the spine cord in early development

Researchers add nerve fibers to the spine cord in early development

Cody Smith speaks with her graduate student in her lab. Credit: Matt Cashore / University of Notre Dame.

New research on nerve fibers penetrates the spinal wall during premature development in the zebra rhythm, it can create regenerative therapy for people with lesions with brachial plexus, a nerve group that begins in the spinal cord and enters the arm.

Published in the study Nature Communications, Researchers from Notre Dame University At the beginning of the 20th century, the hypotheses were defined. Actually, it is correct, and it is the first step in a two-column approximation, which fibers call axons, incorporate a spinal cord.

"It's true that axon develops a spinal cord for many days," said Cody J. Smith, Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher, Assistant Chair of the Biological Science Chair at the University of Notre Dame, and Reconstructive Medicine. He is a co-author of Smith Evan Nichols, and in Notre Dame, who is currently studying neuroscience and behavior.

Nervous fibers send messages to other cells. Axons in your hand and hands, for example, determine the brain that touches cold or cold. When the nerves are stretched, when they are compressed or torn apart, such as a brachial plexus injury, it can cause permanent damage and loss of function.

Smith and Nichols use zebra fish to evaluate two hypotheses, that is, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, from the twentieth century. Century, pioneer in modern cellular neuroscience. Cajal suggests that axon is used in the early approximation of "beak jointing" by punching the spinal part of the spinal cord. The hypothesis was correct. The results were surprising that Cajal did not have access to current microscopes in order to find out how to move the fiber wall in real time.

The approximate ram approach is, however, the first step. For several years, scientists have thought that boundary cells, within the boundary of the central nervous system and the peripherals, add axons to the spinal cord.

Throughout research, Smith's axon penetrates the axon into the spinal cord, using the approach of Cajal's groin, and the boundary cells help other axons as a bridge to enter the wall.

Knowing this may be important when designing brachial plexus injury repair strategies.

"We went to investigations of interest in basic science," Smithe said. "How do axons affect the spinal wall? But it's a general lesson on the general public. Sometimes basic science can lead to unexpected discoveries but a potential and exciting benefit."

Nerve fibrous spinal loss is the only cause of multiple sclerosis disability

More information:
Evan L. Nichols et al. The pioneer axon uses the voice of Cajal's wire in the spinal cord, Nature Communications (2019). DOI: 10.1038 / s41467-019-08421-9

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Researchers enter nerve fibers in the spinal cord in early development (2019, February 27).
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