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‘Set the piece king’ on the way to saving Liverpool money

We’re taking a deep dive into the rebooted weekly Scout movie to become a football superstar in front of our eyes as a new player on the way.

This week’s edition will feature Liverpool midfielder and “piece king” Jake Cain, a player who has played with the aim of saving the club millions in the coming years …

Player profile

Wigan-born Cain, 19, signed his first professional contract Reds After rising from the club’s youth ranks in 2019.

He played a key role in the successful 2018-19 FA Youth Cup campaign, a team that boasted Rhys Williams and Neco Williams of today’s first team.

Cain made his first major team debut at the club He scored in the fourth round of the FA Cup against Shrewsbury Town last season. This special line-up was the youngest Liverpool competition has ever had, but the only young man Cain had that day was his appearance.

His rapid rise and transfer skills have given him a place in every match of the three teams in the Champions League in Liverpool in the current campaign.

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The first thing you’ll notice when you see Cain is the simple look of the game. A common assessment of midfield masters like Xavi and David Silva has been their ability to control the tempo and never rush.

Despite the tender years, the Cain class already has its own ability to make the right decision 99 times to 100 times, regardless of the best attempts by the opposition to drown him.

He has an exemplary first touch and will always try to play if the situation allows. If not, he has already shown the composure and composure to keep his ego and keep it short and easy.

Describing his natural ability to drill open defenses, Cain said in an interview in June the club’s official website: “I have been a very good passer since I was young. I see passes that the opposition can’t defend very well. I like to get into the positions behind the defense and pass the balls to him. “

But its most striking feature is certainly these deadly pieces.

Put a free kick 30 yards out when you are in danger. Cain can (and does) store them from almost anywhere.

Reminds you of a young man …?

His initial comparisons have been made Jordan Henderson, but whether he will develop the momentum, determination and leadership to express Henderson’s performance will not be known at the elite level in his training years. The size and shape of his body today are no longer valid for comparisons with a strong interpreter.

Instead, his technical skills remind us of Chelsea’s repetition Juan Mata |.

The Spaniard received one player of the year award from the club with The Blues, while he provided 30 league support in two years.

Kain also appears to be aiming to excel in the supplier role, although he has scored three goals in seven Premier League 2 games this season, hoping to help him achieve his direct goal along the way. Phil Foden.

19 excellent appearances from 42 appearances in the league have been received by various Liverpool youth teams over the last three years.

As we spoke, Mane and Mr. Salah gave a wide smile on their faces.

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Highlight the coil

The question would be whether or not to provide evidence of his piece wizard. We are not here to fail …

Expert perspective

Jurgen Klopp he has spoken briefly in praise of the young man, but this has more to do with the fact that the German would rather meet multiple players at once than separate the individual.

The rumor has started to grow among those closest to Liverpool.

The echo of Liverpool He described Liverpool as a man who could save “millions”. Athletic’s James Pearce, on the other hand, has the club’s regular under-23 coverage. He explained the impression he is making on Klopp.

“Young academy Jake Cain was back on the bench for #LFC last night. It’s a reward for having a great start to the season at the U23 level and for the way he impressed Melwood’s Klopp.”

Tell us something we don’t know …

Cain’s prominence has gone hand in hand with another Liverpool solution: Leighton Clarkson.

The pair have played on the same under-7 football teams. Some players say they develop an almost telepathic understanding of football. We would bet to say those two already.

Perfect to fit …?

If he had to show unity and endurance for 90 minutes in the turbulent world of high-end football, Cain – along with new first-team graduate Curtis Jones – could be natural descendants like Georginio Wijnaldum and James Milner in the Reds. machine room.


The Jurgen Klopp team has come to criticize from time to time for the lack of creativity of their central trio.

They often place the greatest responsibility for giving and manufacturing options on their backs, not in the middle. But the old saying of wholeness greater than the sum of their parts has never been true for Henderson and colleagues.

In any case, adding Cain to the mix would fix that absolute solution.

The defender’s easy and effective play finds Cain, Cain moves forward, as the blockade can be seen earlier than previously thought.

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