Thursday , January 21 2021

South Korea's main sports center pardons for sexual assault

SEOUL: Head of Senior Sports in South Korea on Tuesday (January 15), demanded a pardon for young athletes and their sexual assault on their buses, and imposed a ban on election campaigns.

After gaining a gold medal in the Olympic shorts movement, Shim Suk-hee warned that his former coach rapt last week and sexualized his multiple times, leading to several other victims.

The Korean Sports and Olympic Committee (KSOC), President Lee Kee-heung, apologized for the "systematic failure" to avoid misguided repetitions.

"I will discard the buses that try to manipulate the future of our athletes and carry out unforeseen activities," said Lee.

"It will establish a ban on the life of criminal offenses and block them completely locally and abroad," he added.

South Korea is a sports manual for the region and is regularly held in the summer and winter Olympics in the top 10 medal tables.

But in a highly competitive society, he gains in his sports community, where coaches make a great deal of balance in athletes' careers and are known as physical and verbal abuse.

In addition, he is still a socially conservative country, and female sex offender victims may be happy to face the public.

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