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The evil cancer mother hides cancer after 75% of the tumor reduces after alternative care

A mother of a mother's mother has maintained a secret diagnosis of her cancer after saying that doctors had reduced 75% of cancer after alternative treatments due to Mexican treatment.

In October of 2018, Kate Malvenan, the doctors who had dropped the world until the non-smokers had been reported to have only six months and 24 months, lived as a result of the lung cancer diagnosis.

At age 40, originally from Kessingland, Suffolk, the United Kingdom, but now lives in the golden coast of Queensland, Australia, he has always been proud of his good health being eating and eating nutritious foods. gym – while not a smoker.

So, a few months before the cancer diagnosis, Kate began to feel "a little bit down" when he only tried to test a new fitness regime.

Kate Annabelle with her daughter

In April of last year, a sudden mother began to cough her blood, diagnosing her doctor as a bronchitis.

After experiencing breast cancer in September, he sent several rotations, which revealed that the massive tumor fell into the lungs.

Kate was afraid that on October 3, 2018, he confirmed that the doctor had broken the horrible cancer that killed his cancer.

The mother was left with three specialists saying and killed in six and twenty-four months.

But her three-year-old daughter, Annabelle, as the sole guardian, the mother's decision knew she needed everything to keep alive.

Chain tumor was scanned in October

Another scan within five months

A friend from Cancun (Mexico) said about a cancer treatment center called Cancun (Mexico), Kat's mortgaging housing and saving his life's life for a £ 35,000 three-week program.

And, at the end of October, after the first treatment, Kate was surprised, the research revealed that lung cancer was 75 percent lower than the size of an apple to the size of a grape – while there is no evidence of cancer in the lymph nodes and cancer.

Kate, the owner of his own home-shop, said: "A few months until 2018, I started to feel a rundown. My hips, my back, my spine and my shoulders were painful.

"I have been trained in a new workout system, which is why I have not said it. But we now know that these are cancerous spots.

"I have coughed twice, but the doctor said it was a bronchitis. When I started to pound myself I decided to make a x-ray.

"The GP called me a few hours and said that it looked like a cancer, but I did not know the measure and the next day I was asked to go to the hospital.

His mother traveled to Mexico for treatment

"My parents decided to flee to the United Kingdom to stay with me.

"I did not do anything to save my life, they told me I had lived only six months and 24 months.

"This is when my world was spinning. I could not understand how healthy I felt I could have a terminal illness.

"My cancer spread liver, lymph system, hips, spine, ribs and shoulders.

"Do you think the specialists say that you are going to die?

"I called a drug called Alectinib, a target drug, but I was told I would expect a life of two years, and I had to live a lot longer than that.

"Then a friend told me about all the wonderful results he had seen about a Mexican cancer clinic and what he had seen there.

"I had no other choice. I decided to do it. I was in Mexico two weeks later".

Kate is in Mexico for treatment

Kate underwent intense treatment seven hours a day, six days a week at the Mexican clinic.

Treatments for heat, light and laser therapy: hyperbaric oxygen, body hypothermia, infrared therapy, magnetic pulsed electromagnetic therapy, coffee, jackets, and vitamin C IV therapy.

Kate also received a diet-based diet that was fed a strict diet while continuing to follow this plan of food.

Since his first Mexican vacation returned home since November, Kat's resumed at the Australian hospital – and doctors say their amazing results have been shocked by a 75% reduction in cancer traces. lymph nodes

With this incredible result, Kat decided to save his life and returned to Mexico in February for other intensive treatments.

Kat said: "One of my doctors told me I had to go home, drink wine and have time to die with my daughter.

"There was no chance of survival, but now there is hope.

"The doctors here say that my results are remarkable and I have broken all the rules.

"I am very positive with 100% of 100% of the cancer in constant treatment".

Kat says his daughter is motivated to get the disease

Cats said that when the cancer diagnosis was decided to keep the secret to her daughter, it was better to protect herself from the dark and sad realities of cancer.

He said: "Annabelle does not have any idea about my cancer. She is little and she did not know I was dying.

"I told him that I was working on a long and boring trip to Bali, when tears flowed from my eyes. I did not know what I was going into or not.

"Without him I would not fight motivation or strength."

Kat does not want to set up a monetary page, but he asked for an assistant at the Maison & Maison store in his home shop;

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