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The last day of the work: The aviation worker, who was a long career on the altitude, eventually became the captain of the aircraft

SINGAPORE: Scoot flight flight TR 181 happened unexpectedly on March 6 before the Nanjing airport to Singapore.

Chung Choon Yin, the captain of the flight, asked the Yong Hui Yi officials to enter the passenger cabin.

When Chung stepped out of the flight cover, flight passengers and crew were there to surprise them with a party to say goodbye. For more than four decades, the veteran rider made his last flight.

Mrs. Yong has planned a celebration, customizable with colorful balloons and banners. Both travelers and their crew were invited.

Chung and travelers

Chung captain with enthusiastic passengers on his last flight of Scoot. (Photo: Scoot)

In a recent interview on NewsAsia, he thanked Chung for gratitude.

"It was a pleasant surprise! Travelers were also celebrated. The crew of my cabin had good relations with travelers … and they were happy to celebrate with me, "he said.

However, Mr Chung knows that his captain was not in charge of the final task, and he had to keep up to ensure that this trip was going well.

"The works never went into the plane's entrance, and the wheels are on and the checks are over," Mr. Chung said.

"So I did not have to think about retirement during the flight. This is the beauty and demand of this work. You can not stop walking, so I was basically concentrating on the flight until I was done, "he added.


Chung captain's trip was not a slight flight. The biggest part of his life was burning night oil in the 1970s.

He spent his days as a maintenance engineer at the airport, providing Singapore Airlines (SIA) airplanes. At night, he went on a book to finish the Diploma in Singapore Polytechnic.

For more than 40 years, Chung lifted his team with the SIA Group and ended his career as a captain with Scoot on a budget line. However, he had to fight at the start for a moment, remembering Chung.

"Eight (am) boston (five hours) were SIA locally, on an aircraft dock or in a service station, and from 6:00 to 10:00 we would have to go to polytechnics to take our diploma classes, which has been for five years," he said.

Chung and its engineering maintenance engineers were backed by Singapore Airlines to complete their studies and become a fully qualified engineer.

CY Chung cabin

Mr Chung was engineered as a flight engineer in the 80s. (Photo: Chung Choon Yin)

But in his work, he had the opportunity to interact with the SIA crew, which caused the interest of flying aircraft.

"I had the opportunity to talk with the riders … I have seen some familiar faces over time and asked them what they are doing. I felt interested in flying and told myself I wanted to get into the flight crew," said the 64-year-old.

After a great deal of conviction, Chung took a pilot conversion course in 1980 and became a flight engineer.


He followed the same path and became the first official in 1990. He later emphasized the command of the SIA and was appointed captain in 2001. At the age of 62, he joined Scoot and spent the remaining two years with the airline.

The student student has been on a journey through the captain for 30 years, on the way he has obstacles and obstacles.

For example, when the SIA allowed him to become a flight engineer, his first official in 1984, the company declined because he could not afford to pay for a training bonus.

"I was protecting my sister who was learning Canada and my mother was not well, so I could not afford to pay (in my conversion) a salary reduction in training," he said.

Scoot on the last day working

Chung captain standing on the cab doors, after the last flight. (Photo: Scoot)

Chung's engineering background became a better driver. He said he knew better all system errors, and the issues that were flying.

"Engineering" may limit the division, which helps the company to build a better synergy between the plane and the engineering department, "he said.


Former colleague of Mr. Chung's Scoot, the official Brennen Kho, fled four occasions with the SIA, told Channel Newss that Chung's "old school" backgrounds were "very demanding standards".

"As an engineer, the technical know-how of the aircraft is up," Mr. Kho said.

39-year-old children added that raising the captain's Chung height would not "be comfortable in a comfortable place."

"The back seat wanted to move to the front seat, and it is wonderful that he decided to go out of his comfort zone and try something new," Mr. Kho said.

"Everyone can learn something as well as the first official seat in the right seat. I feel comfortable in my place, and I think it's a tough day for the left-wing seat to be the captain," he added with a smile.

In addition to being a flying back model, Kho also praised the identity of his first colleagues. Chung said that he said he was "dead" within the cockpit, but it was not uniform, he was the most pleasant companion.

CY Chung Scoot

Mr. Chung has thanked Nanjing for his recent flight to Singapore. (Photo: Scoot)

"The thing is really, really, it's really generous. He will invite his co-pilot and cabin crew on the scales and always pay everything. The point we came up with said:" If you want to continue to do so, we will not come back with you again. "

Mr. Chung stressed that he had eaten a tradition because he would treat meals that he could not afford to pay his former captains over the years. Old Chang Kee bought a large box at Changi Airport airport before its departure from each departure point.

"Everything comes in full circle. In some night breaks, I would like to eat at some time that would cost me some money. My captain would say:" Come, do not worry about the cost. Let's go for lunch, "he said.

"When I became the captain, I thought it was time to pay (good will). Well treated, so now it's a turn. I think it's a good gesture to buy a meal at a luncheon at a luncheon. and we can work much closer as a team, "added Mr Chung.


Promoting the group's work as a captain was an important part of work, said Mr. Chung, emphasizing that the captain is not only flying, but also full aircraft. He had to coordinate with the cabin crew, lower teams, maintenance engineers, and air traffic controllers as the flight progressed.

For example, a captain is facilitated by the crew of the cab crew, when they serve meals by reducing turbulence.

"You need to know when the cab service is. If you see a cloud patch, you can not fly directly or serve a meal for travelers, it will be difficult for the cab crew," he said.

"You need to learn the flight before the environment flight, to plan your safest and easiest route," added Mr. Chung.


As a pilot, his last flight was fine, Chung reminded himself that his first flight was "somewhat embarrassing."

The initial flight was a pilot, and Singapore was expected to fly from Zurich. But as a result of his confusion, he was still home for an hour's departure.

"Asking for the control call," Hey CY, where are you going? "I said he was at home," recalled Mr. Chung.

"Fortunately, the place I took was very close to the airport and it was 15-20 minutes before the time I arrived at the plane," he added.

The captain of the flight really understood, and he was "hooked", but after that quest, Mr. Chung decided to get back to work again.


Mr. Kho says, Chung has the reputation of being a captain and the standard and first officer would demand a high standard.

"I was known as something of the four CIA of the SIA, and then the student and the first classified officers were very scared. As I was a student, when I got in a flight, I knew that I needed to be really in my fingers, I was very nervous and when I first appeared in the crew room, My heart was nuts, "Mr. Kho said.

Scoot aircraft

Picture of a scoot aircraft file. (Photo: AFP)

But Mr Kho reminded him that the flight was well and that Mr. Chung treated his massage when they reached the finish line.

In Singapore's return, Mr. Kho has said he has lost some procedures. She was considered, but kept saying that she was not screaming or crying.

"Of course, he made it down (with me) … but he pulled me back at the end of the flight, and he said" Good work, keep on it. "It will bring you confidence and then re-sponsor it, which means that all captains do not to do this ", he added.

Chung acknowledged that he was a serious mentor, but he explains that Scoot and the SIA team have a solid record of general security, and that's why pilots should be "disciplined" and "unable to make it clear. too. "

"I am familiar with being stubborn, but there are not two ways to do that. There are 400 people with you, and travelers can be your relatives or loved ones," he said.

"A job can not be" play play. "You must give your 100 percent at all times," Mr. Chung added.


Although he has made his latest commercial aircraft, Chung admits that his aviation chapter has not ended. She wants to serve as a flight simulator monitor with Singapore Airlines, as the future driver can be a teacher

Mr Chung has pointed out that SIA has graduated as a pilot in many cadets. He thinks he can help them autonomously using his technique.

"Sometimes the training may not be adequate. It is possible to put the heel in the headset (it will be much more difficult to control the aircraft's way)," he said.

"In the days of my life in SIA, I had a lot of practitioners with difficulties in some training phases, but when you sit down with them, you will be amazed by the fact that students make mistakes in the practice math, giving them a lot more time.

He also had the desire to drive for the riders, for example, they would have to consider the work if they meet certain requirements, such as maintaining a healthy diet and leaving alcoholic drinks 12 hours before the flight.

CY Chung family

Mr Chung and his family. Withdrawn, Chung is spending more time with his 10-year-old son and expects his wife to work in the home. (Photo: Marcus Mark Ramos)

"You have to keep a good and clean lifestyle, if you think it is acceptable for that, I would like to say that. Why not? It's an enriching job. At the end of the day, when the flight is over, you do not have to worry about your home," he said.

Mr. Chung has added that he has had no regrets about how his career has taken place.

"I would say that I'm the whole driver – I was a maintenance engineer before, and then I was a rider," he said.

"So, I started with the company that had been in the age of 18, and now I am 65. I've seen everything, I would give it another chance again."

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