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The Nissan commission ends two decades in Ghosn

TOKYO (Reuters) – Nissan Motor Co. (7201.T.) on Thursday will hold a meeting committee after shaking President President Carlos Ghosn to arrest his honorary leader, making a period of uncertainty with the Renault 19 year alliance.RENA.PA).

Journalists are sitting at the headquarters of Nissan Motor Co in Yokohama, Japan, on November 22, 2012. REUTERS / Toru Hanai

The Franco-Japanese alliance expanded in 2016 in the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors (7211.T.), arrested on Monday in Ghos in Japan, a 64-year-old president and a star of the industry, with economic downturns accused.

Ghosn created an alliance and promoted a deeper army by the French government, including the potential Renault-Nissan fusion, despite being a resilient Japanese company.

The Japanese prosecutor said Ghos and executive director Greg Kelly was also arrested, allegedly losing Ghosn's Nissan over five years since 2010, saying he was half a real 10 million yen.

The Nissan commission meeting will be at 4:00 a.m. (0700 GMT) at his Yokohama headquarters and the company will be able to send a statement afterwards, a senior Nissan senior official told reporters on Wednesday asking for anonymity for confidentiality.

Renault's executives must join videoconferencing.

The Japanese media said the composition of the Nissan commission is expected to be rejected by Ghosn.

Nissan Executive has five seats on the board of nine seats, Renault loyalists have two seats and the rest are external non-directors, a bureaucratic former and a racing driver.

Still with Ghosh and Kelly arrested, men will not be able to vote or defend themselves. The majority of the votes of the rest of the seven members of the table will have enough to divide their positions.

Renault has shot Ghos as president and CEO, even though Kelly continues to arrest him, because Nissan is not even financially accused.

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But Mitsubishi Motors will take over Ghos in charge of meeting next week.

Within the greater uncertainty about the future of the Alliance, the Japanese industry minister and French finance ministers will meet in Paris on Thursday to find ways of stabilizing.

"For me, the future of the alliance is a big deal," said Nissan official when he asked about arrest in Ghos. "It's clear, at this age, things we have to do together. It would be impossible."


An internal investigation by an informant informed by Nissan Monday on Monday revealed the personal use of Personal Engagement and annual non-profit reports by Ghos.

Ghosn and Kelly did not report, and Reuters could not get it.

Ghosn is in Tokyo's Detention House, Nikkei newspaper said, a courageous regime warns of its usual luxury lifestyle, the need for a daytime sleep restrictions and a mask that will meet with visitors. To prevent the spread of the disease.

The arrests house is pretty cold at this time, "Internet entrepreneurs and scammers Takufumi Horie told Twitter followers.

Asahi Shimbun said unsupported sources on Thursday, Ghosn ordered Kelly to email fake payments. Local taxpayers are likely to be seized and used as related evidence, the report said.

Yomiuri, one of the fastest current Japanese traffic journals, mentioned Nissan's international research, as Ghosn had since 2002, had to pay about $ 100,000 a year for his sister's fraud.

Nissan had the role of Ghosnen's sister and managed to find a luxury apartment in Rio de Janeiro through a study she had bought through a foreign subsidiary, but did not do automotive advice. Nissan shared the information on the prosecutor's office, Yomiuri said.

Nissan shares closed 0.8%, according to a broader market .N.225, before the meeting committee.

Maki Shiraki, Sam Nussey and Chang Ran Kim have reported; Written by Roto Ando; Editing Muralikumar Anantharaman

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