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The Texas lawmaker says vaccines should be optional if they are antibiotics – BGR

Regarding public health, one of the biggest risks is chosen that officials have no idea what they are saying. The Republican Bill Zedler, a representative of Texas, has recently talked about the need to prevent haemorrhagic disease and vaccinations to prevent compulsory illness. Probably you will not be amazed that the vaccine demands are strong.

Just like Texas Observer The report, Zedler continues the vaccine against him, helps him with the new bill, which would make it easier for parents to leave their children's compulsory vaccination. Reason has failed at least.

"They want to say that people who die are dead. Yes, in third countries around the world, they are dying of hawthorn," said Zedler, according to reports. "Today, with antibiotics and such types, they are not dying in America."

Zedler is painful that faith in modern medicine is enough to fight against antibiotics mosquitoes, but unfortunately it is not true. Antibiotics, but their nature, resist bacterial infections, not viruses. Carbohydrates, a highly contagious virus that does not cure, helps prevent vaccination most often in childhood.

The measles vaccines are usually part of the vaccines that prevent male diseases such as male and female rubles, and 97% of people are effective. Crabs, reintroducing the wounded in the United States, are making vaccination efforts, especially in the fast-growing vaccine laws.

Texas Observer Note that both mosquitoes and cheeks are once again on the window in Texas, as well as in the case of helmets, reaching an era of all time in 2017 and in cases of elapsed cases already in 2019.

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