Sunday , June 13 2021

Wheam's MAMAMOO responds to her father's fraud

On November 27, "My father died and my family fell apart because of a MAMAMO member of a father" by a post.

In the post, the writer said that the father of MAMAMOO has operated a company that produced things like containers, portable ones and caravans. The writer's father was a merchant company responsible for transporting cargo.

The message said: "When my father was alive, the container company was an important company, but we did not want to avoid delays in payment due to a lack of trust in our businesses. Again and again, her daughters were part of the MAMAMOO group and reassured enable [about the payments] that way. "

He continued: "We believe that, to a certain extent, his famous daughter was a celebrity and he continued our business relationship, but then the payments remained, and he would say:" I'll be back soon! " The money will come next week and I'll get back to you right away. "With subsequent purchase and later payment, cargo drivers put pressure on our phone calls."

The post-writer said that his father had diagnosed pancreatic cancer in these economic and family problems. "However, they are losing payments," they wrote. "My father died almost three years and the debt has not yet been paid."

The writer won 20 million won (about $ 17,700), but MAMAMOO's father was still not responsible. Father's life was forced to pay the legal costs of insurance and a copy of the legal document was published.

Later, on the same day, MAMAMOO's agency, RBW published its official statement on behalf of Wheein.

According to what he said, "I grew up without the help of my father's biology. He did not pay attention to our family and to the duty of homework. My family has always had miserable debts.

"My parents were divorced in 2012, but until a few months ago, my mother had to be an honorary loan. My dad's divorce, as well as my mother and I have been confronted with the damage they have faced.

"A few years ago, with my biological father in my latest communication, I asked my mother and me to cause more pain, and we had to divide our lives from now on. I have tried several times, but never received it. I have not had any forms of exchange and I have not been contacted for many years. Currently, she does not know where she lives, what she does or how she lives.

"That's why the allegations were very weak, I'll talk to my family and the work to solve the situation as much as possible. I thank my MAMAMOO members for forgiveness and ask everyone for their pardon.

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