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Bankrupt works on climate protests have appeared in London

This piece depicts a girl who is kneeling on the shoulders and a girl who has recently planted a new plant. It has organized the logo of the Incorporation of the Ecological Movement Rebellion.

British street street art The alleged new piece by Banksy appeared on the wall in London's Marble Arch, where protests from the extinction rebellion took place in a climate-protection camp for a few days. AFP news agency reported.

The work describes a young girl kneeling on the shoulders and a young planted young plant, designed with the Extinction Rebellion logo of the Organic Protest movement.

"From now on, the disappointment is over and the tactics begin," he says on a wall plate next to the work, one of the busiest crossings in central London.

"I think I am sure it's his job," said Andrew Tetley in London Evening Standard.

"It has not yet been confirmed that Banksy is, of course, there is a lot about it," added Lindsey Solomons (53).

"I think the heritage of this work speaks for itself – if we do not do something for our plans, it is clear that we would be disappointed, and he did it very well," said AFP.

You also moved refugees or vests

Last week, environmentalists, in addition to delight, were very damaging meetings to focus on climate change in London to stop traffic.

During the campaign, 1139 people were arrested by police and received 69 people.

A well-known artist named Banksy, who only knows his identity by some friends, caused a feeling last October, after taking out one of his paintings after $ 1.4 million ($ 1.2 million) auction.

The image began to slide down the frame, and when the crushed frame was placed, only the lines remained.

The artist has already started immigrants and refugees, creating Palestinian questions and so-called. yellow vest

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