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Čaputová Jan Kraus's show: In any case, it's written, if successful, I have to give up. "If you only come with your partner, there is no husband, it's strange," said the cheerleader

Bratislava, February 28, 2019 (HSP / Photo: TASR-screen photo YouTube)

The director of the Čaputová presidential candidate was Jana Krausa Show, who also attended the presidential campaign.

Image of Zuzana Čaputová

Kraus, in his presentation, presented Zuzana Capek with the "hot presidency" candidate, with more priorities, but " He emphasizes the need to know how we should know how the surveys "have to make a reservation".

After resigning Robert Mistrik, Kraus Čaputova will be the future president of Slovakia: "You will be president, not" Zuzana Čaputová will decide on the first round of elections on March 16.

"It's important to survive, in a sense or success, on March 16," he said. Kraus replied: "16. Take an initial brushstroke to advance." The captain said the opponent "Lord Directorate".

Ceaputova says Maroš Šefčovic is "not an easy opponent" and he respects it.

Kraus Moderator went to the Txekiar Voice viewer, Pezinok, who had been illegal for many years, landed.

"I'm a Pezinka, I'm a lawyer and a petitioner. Pezinok was having a landfill with dangerous and large waste and a dwelling place – it was a risk of creating 11 more football fields – a powerful conversation with party parties (a business company)," explained Čaputova , in which case the decision of the Supreme Court was a different meaning.

As a result, the debate was about the Liberal orientation of Čaputov. Kraus began discussing, "When a person is homosexual, God is homosexual." And, in his opinion, two homosexual "homosexual" thought to be somewhere else.

As Čaputová says, these issues in Slovakia are more difficult to have a similar opinion as Kraus and tries to get closer to the people.

Political opponents can not succeed because they are a woman. "You could succeed in balancing the woman elsewhere," said Jan Kraus. Txaputov reminded his people that they remember the failure of Iveta Radičová in the fight against Ivan Gašparovič.

According to him, Čaputov says that there will be anti-champagne some of the first and second rounds. Kraus says that they are doing very personal things in those anti-champagne. "How are you?" He asked the candidates.

"I'm really convinced," Caputova said. He was divorced and had two daughters, and he was very happy.

Kraus had a partner in the process. "No, I do not think this boulevard should be tackled," says Caputova. "But if that happens, they want to make a future …" Kraus added.

PS party candidate said that children from 15 to 18 were also advised to decide on candidates. Kraus said that younger people would not ask for a view of the city of Cabo. However, Captut has explained that the youngest daughter is interested in public affairs and may be a politician in the future.

"When he was 15 years old he was interested in politics, he would be more radical, more radical …", Kraus wrote the provocative. "We will see, but I do not think it," said Caput. "He also thinks he looks very self-conscious about how he perceives things".

Jan Kraus said he could become president if he could give up. "He did not do it, he's not written anywhere," he said. According to Kraus, however, it is normal for President to attend international meetings. president and husband

According to Caput, this is not a rule. Kraus adds "No, but it's strange". He later explained to solve this issue.

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