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Did I think Iveta Bartošová's death?

A few days later, the Czech and Slovak people celebrate the fifth anniversary of the death of their favorite singer Iveta Bartošová. Although it has been a long time since the arrival of the second world, a nearby source of evil stars has recently surprised the public with a very striking statement.

The Czech magazine Extra.cz has brought an amazing conversation with the intimate friend, Iveta Bartosova, named Zdenek Macura. According to several statements, he believes that in a quiet day the life of life that is brittle in the rage is not really gone.

iveta bartosova

As a close friend of Ivette, the man who had spent some time decided to share a personal view of the tragic event with the people. ,,When I heard of the death of Ivette, I accepted that I finished. However, I realized that until now, we do not know who he was, who confirmed that he really was Iveta Bartošová. I do not even know Iveta know myself alive. And when something goes through a man, something else is " Macura is thinking about it.

Iveta is still alive and hiding

As the brave Czech says, he does not regard the former spouse of Jozef Rychtář as a reliable person, and that's why he thinks he can only paint the death of a beautiful Iveta. Both couples had great problems with each other, that is, their favorite blonde wanted to escape her husband.

"It is possible that Iveta still live somewhere and calmness. Victims of domestic violence could be dead to eliminate the aggressor" Describes the scenes described.

bartosova rychtar

However, Zdeněk adds that the theory of the death of Iveta Bartošová is not only based on his personal conviction. In recent years, many people have claimed that Iveta has seen in various parts of the Czech Republic.

"Of course, they could mix with someone, but some testimonies seemed very certain." I have not confirmed anything, I do not say so, but I do not accept that it was really a death. " Macura closed an amazing testimony. But the opinion on these inventions, still beloved Czech survivors, must all be created.

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source: Extra.cz | Photo: Facebook / Iveta Bartosova, pixabay.com

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