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Epidemiologists warn that tobacco and the best time to get the vaccine is recommended. Journal of Politics

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA February 25 (WebNoviny.sk) – According to epidemiologists, in February, the three dose of transient enzymes is the first vaccinate vaccine.

The second dose, according to experts, should be given at the beginning of the end of March or the beginning of April in the tick tick of the spring and the third dose in September.

Banská Bystrica, Spokesperson for the Public Public Services Service (RÚVZ), has been reported by SITA, who is sponsoring the vaccine for people with less than 5 years of age.

Brain swelling

Worm Enemy is a viral illness that is spread through the blood through the nerve tissue and, above all, it causes inflammation of the brain. In the first phase, the virus affects the organism when multiplied. Then there are some diseases that end up in this phase, drowned.

The second stage shows signs of inflammation of the brain arteries, or severe headache and severe vomiting. It can damage movement, speech, memory, and other brain centers and, consequently, persistent consequences continue to be difficult, even when a patient with insufficient immunity dwells.

Three-person group SR vaccine. Virological laboratories or scientists who study pigments by research have forced the vaccine. The second team, in terms of professional risk, is involved in forestry, geologists, farmers, or athletes, and goes to known endemic areas. The third group is made up of citizens who wish to acquire their own request.

The highest morbidity

Endemic areas (sites with the highest increase in contaminated droplets) are located in Slovakia, mainly from the banks of the Váh River, from the source to the Danubio.

"In this area we have registered the highest morbidity for many years, although the SR disease is not very important in tickle encephalitis. Every year, 70 and 150 cases have moderate difficulties and require an average hospitalization lasting two weeks" Banská Bystrica RÚVZ Mária, Head of the epidemiology department of the Avdicová department.

In addition, in southwestern Slovakia, Nitriansky region and particularly southern regions may be endemic. However, according to experts, there is also an incident of lowercase infections, for example, at higher altitudes, such as Slovak Rudohorie.

Great epidemic

As a mark, the disease can be transmitted to human beings over humans and animals, even infected with infected animals. The virus is easily infected with goats and the virus is hidden in milk.

This disease can also be transmitted if there are infected goats and products with milk.

"In 1951 there is an enormous epidemic, with more than 600 people in the Rožňava district consuming cow's milk mixed with goats. There are smaller epidemics every year, usually consumed with products and products, with insufficient thermal treatment that does not use a mixture of sheep and goat milk. the " Add is added.

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