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Fibrillation is suffering from the suffering of the Slovaks: if it is revealed in time, it is a cure


Disorder heart rate is irregular and often fast. In Slovakia for 10 years, the number of ill-patients increased by 32%.

Illustrative image of the article Ankle fibrillation suffers more and more in Slovakia: if the time is revealed, it is medicinal



Doctors emphasize the rise of fibrillation
ATRIO. This is a new report of the Association of Atrial Fibrillation
The conscience of this disease in the Great Week of the world.
According to this, atrial fibrillation is the most prominent health
problem in the world

"Atrial fibrillation is the most arrhythmic heart
Possible life-threatening complications are life-threatening.
What is happening in Europe and Slovakia is still growing. For ten years in our country
The number of patients increased by 32%. Illness is complicated, but good
When the Treaties outline "
said the president
Gabriela Kaliská, Slovakian Cardiological Arrhythmia Association.

Risk factors

The atrial fibrillation is irregular and often fastest
The heart rhythm that leads to two coordinated heartbreaking emotions
ATRIO. Irritating heart rhythm may cause blood circulation
It can be stacked in the blood because it is pumped before entering the brain
in the heart There is a risk of developing the stroke of the patient
linked to the atrial fibrillation.

This disease is particularly dangerous at nearly 30 percent
Patients have no symptoms. However, it is a progressive disease,
In one of the five years, it will change year-round
From that moment on permanent head fibrillation. There is more
Risk Factors: obesity, diabetes, alcohol, heart failure,
Smoking and elderly people with more than 65 years of age
Out of ten

The number of patients is growing

"Even in Slovakia, growing people are growing
Diagnosis of head fibrillation. Their age is rising, though
We treat younger people. Last year, according to the National Health Center
This information had a population of 120,340 fibrillations. From 22 to 44 years old
There were 17,433. 20% of stroke patients were malnourished
Set up a headset for fibrillation. Usually less illness is known
heartbreak difference Regular pulse measurement can be detected through each one
A visit by a general medicine should be measured. Be
Head fibrillation could treat drugs or catheter ablation,
Operatively, we have to have an ECG study "
said the president
Karl Hlivák Slovakian Cardiology Association.

Typical symptomatic head fibrillations are cardiac insufficiency, irregular
Pace, weakness, fatigue or breath, but they do not show everyone
patience The doctor finds a diagnosis only when stroke suffers.

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