Tuesday , November 24 2020

Google Chrome is up to 80% faster with the M1 chip!

Google has released a Chrome version for the Mac with the Apple Sillicon M1 processor. The developers have already tested it and the result was not surprising. They are fantastic.

Google Chrome is faster

We each prefer different programs and browsers. Google has Chromewhich is very popular in the world. Unfortunately, its optimization is quite sluggish on some platforms. If you’ve ever felt this way about your Mac with Intel, his successor no longer has a problem. Everything accelerated quickly.

Google released a special version of Chrome earlier this week. Designed for new Apple processors, With ARM architecture. We didn’t promise much, but its benefits were confirmed by several independent tests.

The editors of Ars Technica decided to compare the functionality of the M1 chip-optimized browser and the browser running through the Rosetta 2 emulator. The results are impressive.

It was done through standard tools like everything Speed ​​2.0, JetStream2 a Movement mark 1.1. Optimized Chrome has won in all disciplines. Here are the clear results:

  • Speed ​​2.0 M1 / Rosetta 2 – 210b / 116b
  • Jetstream 2: M1 / Rosetta 2 – 156.9b / 93.1b
  • Movement mark 1: M1 / Rosetta 2 – 726.4b / 435.7b

As you can see, The Chrome version change for the M1 chip gained 66-81% in all tests. We use this browser ourselves and confirm better results.

If that’s not enough, the computer does not heat up at all when used, and consumes less battery power. The only compromise, therefore, is stability. The app sometimes crashes and shuts down, which is pretty annoying. Since this is the first version, it will probably be fixed soon.

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