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Great Czech TRAPAS: The Ukrainians want to return to Kiev with their lifetime


Illustration photo
Illustration photo
Source: Getty Images, Google Street View

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KYJOV – It is not a expulsion who warned Kyjovsky's officers that a stranger who appears to be drunk at the train station's waiting room, the young man probably was not home. It turned out that there was a misunderstanding when the Ukrainian who had returned home from Kiev and eventually over a thousand kilometers from the original plan could talk about the barrier.

A bizarre inconvenience can be said about the Ukrainian case, which was more than a thousand kilometers from the original plan. At the train station in Zlin he was misunderstood and sent to Kyjov, the Czech city of Hodonín, instead of the main Ukrainian city.

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Source: Google Street View

The turbulent foreign citizen of Ukraine, who had been waiting for the waiting room for a long time at Kyjovsky Station, warned the local guard that the police officer reported that he was obviously in a deadlock.

"He tried to return home from Zlin to Ukraine, more precisely in Kiev. Unfortunately, when they bought the Zlin ticket, they did not understand it and they were sent to Kyjov" "Kyjov said, saying that the alcohol alcohol test confirmed that man was not drunk, but the reason for confusion was the misunderstanding of last weekend.

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The willing guards then explained to the young man what to do to get home from the city, more than 50 kilometers from Zlin, more than nine kilometers east.

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