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He reported what the young man had seen in his clinical death


It can be said that death from the beginning of man is that the human being is unknown. Everyone can have their ideas. Whether the sky door is bright or not, the light at the end of the tunnel or, in a more fearful way, it's hellish to hell. But one thing is certain. What is at least incomprehensible to what this woman is, is just the case of clinical death.

One of them is called u / luongscrim in Almost two years ago, more specifically, at the beginning of July, clinical death continued to survive when his heart suddenly stopped. He created a dialogue about the second anniversary of this portal.

It's not surprising, people asked her what they asked at the time. "Not existent. There was no god or god, no souls, no loved ones dead, memories, thoughts, or black ones … it was nothing. I can not say I did not survive, because there would be nothing. At one point, I was conscious and not the other. The next moment I came back. As if it had been several hours and I did not notice, " There was a response from a young man.

As she explains more, she compared it to a scene that was so absent at that moment with a movie cut. Though shot, but it was cut, as if it were not. At the same time, death occurred, but it was not part of it. It has become "unfit".

Although life does not have life experience, he continues to believe in something more in our world that follows our purpose. As he added: "I may not be willing to live with something like that, or" on the other side. "Or the human brain is not able to handle these things yet, but I can not believe it, I need it, and I can only live that way."

The vision of a young man recovered has taken another direction. He took part, such as life, love, death, and above all, he thought. He really felt life was really important. This helps them to value these things every day.

"I'm not sure I'm afraid of death or life. I appreciate life and thank you for that," message continues.

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