Tuesday , November 24 2020

He was fired from the Marquis, he had another chance: a well-known moderator returns to the screens … Aim this TV!

He worked at Záhorská Bystrica for almost 17 years, and before he left in 2013, there was no indication that he had to ring the death bell in front of the cameras. The face of the popular sports news received a pink rose and they have long speculated as to what was the reason for his sudden departure. Among the most widespread hypotheses were the gossip that the Marquis preferred to Jane Hospodárová, who at the time was far from having any experience in sports.

Peter Čambor returns to the TV screens
They threw him out of the Marquis,


In any case, Čambor did not give up for a long time as a shooting shot. In early 2014 he worked for TA3 TV, where he rejoined the sports news team. It seemed that the moderator had found a stable place, but there were changes in 2018 there as well, and the structure of the autumn structure was no longer counting on Peter and, along with other editors, they fired at those chakras.

It seems that after more than two years now better times are shining and he will really appreciate his mastery in the field. Čambor will start appearing on TV again. This time, however, he is not among the giants, the place offered to him by the television of the Bratislava region. “I was involved in the production of The Beseda o piat. It deals with community issues and since I was the last head of Marianka’s office, this field is no stranger to me either.” explained the friendly moderator of Topky.sk

The moderator was given a place by Bratislava regional television
They threw him out of the Marquis,


He expressed interest in the position and contacted the TV director. “We have agreed on a meeting and the scope of our collaboration, which can be gradually strengthened. Since I had my first contact with the people on this TV, I had a very good feeling, there is a great friendly atmosphere, which is appreciated, like any job opportunity, especially because it’s not easy for people in this. ” Peter talked about his feelings from the new place.

Back to the image he’s already very happy with, and the camera the previous Friday supposedly didn’t cause any problems. “Feelings are good, the shows are pre-recorded, so I wouldn’t talk about shaking. You’ve been doing this work for 23 years, getting in touch with the camera won’t cause you any problems even after a long time.” he told us at the end, and we, of course, wish him all the best in his new job!

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