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How do astronomers predict the asteroid Apophis to collide, and are we in danger of colliding with it?


Terrestrial telescopes, but also those in space observe dangerous asteroids and warn in time. As a result, experts have enough time to figure out how to deal with a potential threat, writes the Science Alert portal.

Even if it is advanced, it is difficult to determine which is the probability of colliding with the Earth. One of these asteroids is 99942 Apophis, which will move much closer than desired across Earth. It was discovered in 2004 and is a 370-meter asteroid currently on the list of the US space agency NASA.

The list of senses is a list of asteroids that we should take care of in the future. We last wrote about the upcoming flyby, which should and should be done in 2029 they could see the asteroid with the naked eye. Scientists will use this flight to get as much information as possible about the asteroid. The next flight is scheduled for 2068, and as far as the case is concerned, scientists are not sure whether the asteroid passes us or not.

“The asteroid Apophis is an exemplary example of an asteroid that can be dangerous. We have less than ten years to prepare for the first flight and plan missions, either from the Earth’s surface or using space probes,” the Moon and Planet Institute said.

Possible solutions

Experts do not rule out a mission that may resemble the OSIRIS-REx mission, the asteroid Bennu. His goal would be to explore the asteroid and find information which telescopes do not allow us. At the same time, the first flight of the asteroid Apophis would be a unique opportunity to test devices for detecting objects near Earth.

There are several ways scientists approach flying close to an asteroid and have yet to decide which method to use. The game is a completely new mission, the use of the OSIRIS-REx probe or observations of the Earth’s surface. Whatever the view of astronomers, one thing is certain: after the first flight, we should have more information what danger do we have in front of the asteroid Apophis?

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