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Huawei P30 Pro and 10x zoom: what looks inside?

As the previous Huawei P ship, the advanced camera is a key element this year. Additionally, this year the manufacturer added a 10x zoom module with low quality loss.

Huawei P30 Pro It has a great zoom, probably already. In the meantime, many photos and comparisons have been hampered by social networks that demonstrate zoom capabilities. HERE you can see it.

refined optical system Thanks to the P30 Pro design compared to periscope, and that's the reason. Optical zoom and image sensors are mounted longitudinally on the device. The whole module takes a lot of space and has to be a structural challenge for engineers.

Part of the system can be seen externally.

Optical systems are similar to what ordinary SLR cameras can find. On the smaller scale, of course. Huawei P30 Pro The famous pedantne JerryRigEverything exploded.

This is mainly due to the hard quality testing, which is cut with a knife in the device, smokes it faster and literally stops half, thus checking the rigidity of its construction.

This P30 test has passed, but in this case, we recommend the video to disassemble it.

Intelligent smartphone is interesting. Autopsy camera Zack Nelson It's up to the end of the video, but it's worth seeing. We also video video.

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