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Huawei takes serious action under pressure from US sanctions, sells low-cost mobile Honor division


11/17/2020 ( – Chinese technology giant Huawei has sold a cheap mobile phone department that sells Honor. The company announced this on Tuesday.


Huawei, which has U.S. sanctions, promises from this step that it will not apply to another company. The new owner is a consortium of 40 investors. Among them is a state-owned technology company in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, where Huawei is also based. The rest are Honorary Sellers.

Huawei will not interfere in management

Huawei says it will not be involved in the new company and will not interfere in its management. They did not disclose the price of the transaction, according to the media, it is about 100 billion Chinese yuan (CNY).
Huawei said in a statement that the Honor Division had decided to ensure its survival. According to the consortium of new owners, the dissolution of the company is the best solution for both employees and customers.

The US sees Huawei as a security risk

Huawei faces U.S. sanctions that make it difficult for computers to access computers and other U.S.-made technologies. Washington identifies Huawei as a security risk. He accused the company of engaging in espionage activities for the benefit of the Chinese government. Huawei refuses.
The honorary division was created by Huawei in 2013. According to the parent company, it supplies 70 million mobile phones a year to customers. After the sale, Huawei will keep the brand of excellent smartphones of the same name.

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