Tuesday , June 22 2021

In China, the sales of Tesla cars have suddenly fallen

Tesla 211 only sold cars for the biggest car market.

Tesla, the US automobile manufacturer, has reported declining automobiles sold in the Chinese market over the last two months. China's automotive associations highlighted the latest CPCA data. The US business is so complicated in China and the US in the commercial conflict, and includes important import duties.

According to CPCA, Tesla sold 211 cars in the automobile market in October. Compared to October last year, it means a drop in sales of 70%.

Tesla's China chooses more than Beijing-Washington commercial warfare than other automobiles, when importing all the cars sold by Tesla in China. For this reason, last week, the company announced that it was changing its original strategy and that Model X and Model S prices decreased by 12% in China, with 26%. It was said that the goal is to "make more customers" cars.

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