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It can be inherited by the father of mitochondrial DNA

To date, we have considered that it is possible to take the single DNA mitochondrial DNA. Parents are considering this information that identifies them in the case of parenting trials. Sometimes, sometimes Evin is known as the gene. However, according to recent discoveries, the inheritance of mitochondrial DNA is not the mother's gene privilege.

Mitochondrial DNA is in our body with the rest of the genetic information. According to some findings, a specific mother-group can be found through the gene, that is, the origin of all humanity. But Shiyu Luo, the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, was able to convince something else. He wrote about a scientific research, which is now being cut by expert medical circles.

Luoki knew about the case of a boy suspected of mitochondrial disease. He proved that the suspicions were false, but after examining the samples from the body of the boys, Luo himself, his colleagues and his parents were amazed. About 40% of mitochondrial data originate from mother's mother and not mother's. Thereafter, the remaining 60% came.

Francisco J Iborra1, Hiroshi Kimura2 and Peter R Cook [CC BY 2.0], Through Wikimedia Commons

After this discovery, Luo decided to test other mitochondrial diseases. In fact, in most cases there was only one mum gene, of the three tested families, only 17 cases were the father's mitochondrial DNA. When a child is in the phase of the embryo, it takes mitochondrial DNA from both parents, but finds infertility before birth.

We still can not understand why nature has established this, but, as a result, there are exceptions. If a woman has mutated Mitchond DNA in her body, only a small amount can suffer from some type of illness in the small number. However, if the woman is a baby, there is a great chance that children will be affected by these illnesses.


Thoughts on mitochondrial DNA have occurred in the past. And they also accepted the evidence. Later, however, they were discarded and it was a laboratory error, for example, with very little choice.


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