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It's a dream, but it does not matter: what you want to eat – sugar, even carbohydrates!

Fight with the kilos, do you lose weight? Next, you should know that sugar is not toxic and low-carb diets are not healthier.

Do you have to make a series of torture diets, and you need to waste some kind of food? New book: "Eat It Anyway" Denies everything that Eve Simmons and Laury Dennison think they need beauty and health.

Quietly famous women often point out that the diverse forms of fun, bookstore and social media lose extreme love weight. The study shows, however, that a percentage of those that lose 97 percent of dietary supplements lose weight.

To complete the diet, it will return to the weight or even more damaging. According to the authors of the book, the dark pages of the modern diet. In addition, research at the Harvard University has shown that adherence to strict diet and preventing certain foods prevents the release of stress hormone cortisol.

With obsessed dietary income disorders often occur

And the negative side is very important. The author of the book stressed that diets hope to stimulate the recovery of eating habits.

Diets your anorexia, bulimia or other modern disorders can be easily avoided.

Psychological and physical problems are very serious, long-term health, infertility, chronic problems, but also death. Therefore, a seemingly positive healthy eating "obsession" can be done very badly.

There is no healthy or non-healthy diet

Eve Simmons has overcome anorexia. Luci Daniels, a truth about diet, began to escape from dangerous diseases and began eating "normal".

This expert revealed his truth: We can not call healthy or non-healthy diets. Every ingredient in a balanced diet meets its function. This was what Eva had with her friend, Laura Dennison, to write the book "Eat It Anyway".

This book promotes common and often common ideas about a healthy diet:

All the sugar is poison and must be avoided

In fact, adults do not consume 30 g of sugar a day (seven tablespoons) a day, because more sugar will degrade their teeth and weigh on them.

This does not include sugars in fruit, vegetables and milk naturally, combined with the fiber of these foods and more healthy ingredients.

"Many people eat too much sugar, so they should limit themselves. However, it is not necessary to avoid sugar completely. This trend has led to a great deal of disruption because people should avoid sugar or sugar vegetables," says Luci Daniels.

If all the sugary foods are avoided, calcium, vitamins and living minerals are lacking for bones, muscles and cells to function.

Another myth is natural suppositions: drinks, honey, agates and maples are healthier. It's healthier than a sugars, it's healthier.

If you lose weight, you must avoid carbohydrates

Diets that are low in carbohydrates are very popular today. There is confirmation that low-calorie low-carb diet asserts that obesity obesity helps diabetics improve their condition. But why should a healthy person keep up?

"There is no full evidence that it helps prevent carbohydrates in the long term … The low carbohydrate diet causes energy loss, but it also does not have nutritional value.

Mozogo needs 130 g of carbohydrate to work every day. In addition, the formation of ketone will cause your breath to smell like nail polish, "says Luci Daniels.

If you live without a carbohydrate, it is likely that people who eat will not die. Why? Foods with carbohydrates are usually a fiber-fed fiber that stabilizes blood sugar and prevents intestinal cancer and obesity.

Alternative dairy plants are better

Nowadays, millions of people in the world are avoiding milk, cream and cheese, because they believe it is a problem in health and weight. Those with no lactose intolerance.

Food wages have alternative dairy products, but dairy products and products are very popular? Saturated fat is supposed to increase blood cholesterol levels in dairy products. Reality, however, is only a large number of saturated fat consumed throughout life.

On the contrary, he showed a new study published in The Lancet magazineDaily dairy products reduce three percent intakes of premature death, heart and blood and stroke.

In addition, milk has healthy properties, amino acids, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and protein. Dairy products prove probiotics to strengthen their immune function.

Vegan diet is good for health

The number of people who eat meat, milk and eggs has increased four times in the last ten years. Vegan is a healthier diet than normal?

"Vegas are more focused on their health, they are more trained and they come from a middle or higher class.

These data are related to a better health situation. Being healthier is not a diet but it must be a lifestyle, "says the dietitian, and it is very difficult to have a balanced vegan diet with all the body's health needs. Most young vegans have suffered severe nutritional disorders.

What is the healthiest of all diets?

"Eat peaceably, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink more water. It's not sexy, but scientifically confirmed," says Luci Daniels.

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