Monday , June 21 2021

Kažimire affirmed that he wants to be the governor of the NBS

The Minister of Finance, Peter Kažimir, has long since resolved to leave Jozef Makúch's office.

Peter Kažimír is looking for a governor of the National Bank of Slovakia. Alexandra Gogova, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said.

The minister published his decision by the current governor of the NBS, Jozef Makúch, when the Governor announced his departure. "My decision is at the same time a decision to stop active policies," Kažimírrek says.

"I have always seen the minister of finance, on the other hand as an indispensable expert in the separation, but I still have to do it, I have tried to balance these two positions, as the governor of the NBS, I only want to stay in the world of nations," he said. .

Kažimir also remembered the crucial moments in the Ministry of Finance. The Euro, the biggest economic and economic crisis in the history, the critical moments of the Eurozone, the presidency of the European Union, the nomination of the Eurogroup Director and, in recent years, critical times and boom times.

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