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Lada Niva Legend: Niva will be Niva again. And there will be a maximum of two! – Magazine – Car

The legendary Lada Niva, produced since 1977, is probably still Niva for you. But with his name, he’s really confused. But things have gone well.

After 18 years, the 4x4 Lady will become again ...

After 18 years, Lady 4×4 will become Lada Niva again. However, it will be given the nickname Legend so that customers don’t confuse the second-generation Niva, which has been produced under the Chevrolet Niva for many years. Author: AvtoVaz

Without a doubt, the Lada Niva was the world’s first SUV with its self-supporting body and durable two-axle driving. It was born in 1977, 17 years before the Toyota RAV4. Until 2002, he also had a reputation with his name. And it should continue to do so. After all, the Russian AvtoVaz developed its new generation. The problem arose when the Russians wanted to send their novelty into production. The company had no money. The new Niva was rescued by American concern General Motors and was created in 1998 in conjunction with AvtoVaz. He was an American investor who started production in the second generation. However, the Russian side thus lost the rights to the trade name Niva.

Chevrolet Russia began selling Niva under the name Chevrolet Niva, and the original generation certainly had no intention of getting out of the Togliatti lines, having no choice but to switch the name to Lada 4 × 4. Eighteen years came by. The two models worked side by side. The hope that the name Niva would return under Lady’s wings began when the GM Group decided to end its activities in Russia and last year AvtoVazom also agreed to sell a 50 per cent stake in the joint venture. The Russian side landed, which meant Niva’s name was in the wallet again. The Russian carmaker did not hesitate and immediately took advantage of this.

Already in the summer, Lada named the Chevrolet Niva Lada Niva. However, it was questionable what would happen to the Lada 4 × 4, as its production continues, despite many innovations. Now we know. The well-informed Russian profile AvtoVaz News on the social network VKontakte took care of this, revealing that the Lady 4 × 4 2021 model is already missing from the Togliatti assembly lines, consisting of a Niva Legend plate in addition to the 4 × 4 label. Customers always get what they wanted – to make the original Niva Niva again – and at the same time not confuse it with the second generation. It’s a similar trick Skoda used in the Octavia and Octavia Classic. But so do many other manufacturers.

It won’t be like that forever. In two or three years, two models with a common and well-mixed history will replace a single new heir. The current ones are certainly very outdated. For example, “thanks” to the 1.7-liter 4-cylinder and 5-speed transmission. So even the “new” Nive, which is 25 years younger than the original, takes an endless 19 seconds of acceleration. The novelty based on the Lada 4 × 4 Vision concept from 2018 will be a more unique and modern car built on the Dacie Duster platform. However, lovers of the classics will probably be saddened by the original because the reduction box or rigid axles will go back in time.

Lada Niva - 40 years old

Lada Niva - 40 years old

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