Monday , November 30 2020

Mason helped live as the first facility for a vaccination program

MASON, Ohio – With the final approval to bring more vaccines closer, Mason Assisted Living Center is preparing to participate in one of the first facilities to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Mason’s assisted living and memory care has 66 beds at Mason for seniors with memory problems. The center has taken steps to protect COVID-19 from citizens at higher risk of serious illness.

“Our people are among the most vulnerable,” said Penny Coffey, executive director of Central Park Assisted Living and Memory Care.

After dismissing internal visits at the beginning of the pandemic, the center has since allowed family members to visit loved ones if they follow instructions on social restraint and other security protocols. Staff are working creatively in an effort to keep people entertained, but there are still a number of challenges.

“Right now, the families of our neighbors can’t embrace their loved ones,” Coffey said. “They can’t hold hands.”

The step is to ensure the safety of the elderly in the facility until the vaccine is approved for distribution. Once there, Central Park will be one of the first communities for seniors living in the area. The center is already registered in the National Vaccine Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and once the vaccine is available, it will be available to residents and facility staff free of charge.

“Social interaction and contact are very important for our seniors to care for memory,” Coffey said. “They’re used to the routine and they’re used to the loved ones who come more than once a day.”

Coffey said he and staff hope that participating in the vaccination program will bring the center’s neighbors one step closer to their families ’regular visits.

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