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Mileneckú záležitost řeší už šúbiznis: Sexy Rusi zúri, Lady Gaga opevňuje!

There seems to be a star born of people watching the movie Lady Gaga and a nice pair of Bradley Cooper. Of course, many speculations about their novel have appeared. Once the blonde has committed her, she has doubled.

They premiered in Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

He was emotional and romantic for the Academy Awards. After the break, the recreations that they want to watch each other have frightened. And not just those. In addition, schoubiznis colleagues faced this novel.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper among their Oscars.

For example, Mel B, Spice Girls was held. "I felt discomfort at Bradley's friend, but I would like to think it was a show, there are some rules for women, so it was expected that the professional was" said Good Morning Britain. "He put it on his wedding ring, broke with his groom, and when you turn on it, you are telling you that you are exceeding the limits of Bradley's vision." Piers Morgan added.

"Are there two of them sleeping together?" He asked commissioner commissioner David Spade. "Ha," Bradley's ex-wife replied Jennifer Esposito. What did he mean, we just thought …

Bradley has a beautiful Russian model, Irina Shayk, with whom she has almost two years old daughter. The pair gets the Oscars hand by hand. When Flin and Lady Gaga walked, the kisses put on their cheeks, and among them they did not get tired. "Irina realizes that Bradley and Gaga have also participated in their performances at the Oscars" said Us Weekly, a source at the neighborhood of Brunet. Shayke's pair made the show and was the first to stand up for prayer.

Interestingly, it was one of the followers of Lady Gaga in a blog in January. "He did not do it, he did not like him, he was not jealous of him, but they thought about the constant reflection about their neighbors". said a source from the model neighborhood.

Suspected mother-in-laws, Irina Paparazzov was constantly working. The last time he cleared his teeth …

Irina Shayk answered the paparazzi.

When the lover of the movie goes over the sparks in private, two of them are only known. Gaga responds responsibly to the social network. From his words, the relationship between them is pleasant. "There's nothing more than this Oscar's at this time with our true friend and artistic genius." Gaga said. What do you think of this affair?

Lady Gaga has revealed that Bradley and her friends are.

Do you think Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are more than friends?

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