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PC Revue | MWC 2019: mobile phones with flexible screens do not touch the visitors

MWC opened its doors with flexible flexibility for flexible TV a few days before Samsung introduced its first smartphone to Galaxy Fold. In its composite situation, it works on a 4.6-inch screen. When the device is in tablet mode, the screen has a 7.3-inch diagonal screen.

It allows you to view this information on the screen, such as watching multiple multi-activity applications running large one or three simultaneously. One application window is attached to the entire height and 2/3 width. In the rest area, the width of the two sections is approximately two smaller applications in a window. Together, the joints that unite the design with the arms that are connected together are resolved, so the hinge that opens the combined device is almost invisible and the device can be completely flat and compact. In the constellation situation, a pretty small screen will be used to select the basic tasks we use on your phone in your pocket. If the application application or application needs more space, open the device and the app has a 7.3-inch diagonal screen. The device has 6 cameras together. Three folds behind and one on the front, and two other lenses are uncovered when opened. The US market prices will hit $ 2,000. Many visitors could be happy with "hands-on" Samsung stand to feel the smartphone's bend. Perhaps it would be the first responsive experience to discover the first touch screen. Unfortunately, they did not. Although Galaxy Fold suffered, it was not a transparent glass case, because it looked at the design and construction details of the space, and made a picture, but a special case with a thickness of glass and mirrors surrounded by a fence surrounded by all sides. closer to one meter, hot news could not be approached

The screenplay was repeated on Sunday afternoon when Huawei contacted Huawei at the press conference.

At the press conference, a number of devices emerged, especially during frames with plexiglass triangular frames on translucent walls, easier for photographers than Samsung. The box contains another point. Each one had a corner to create a space to slide a mirror. Before this Gap, however, each host of the box was so fierce that it was only possible to shoot the wall of the plexiglas. I think that Huawei also had the opportunity to provide Samsung with more details of the event and it would be clear that the devices should be visible in boxes through voids. But they did not want to show any more.

When Richard Yu, responsible for Huawei consumer, Huawei Mate X mobile phone, responds to the strategy questions, but it will not be explored yet. The difficulty mechanism is complicated and does not want more competition, whenever necessary. Pretra also came in the price of Mate X 2299 euros. Richard Yu integrates a lot of new technologies that integrate this device to affect the price. The engineers said, of course, trying to reduce the costs as much as possible. Mate X has a single screen that covers the exterior of your device. You can use tight folding, front and rear screen. The front of the screen is 6.6 inches thick and 2480 × 1148 pixels in a collapse situation. On the back, a narrower (portrait) surface of 6.4 inches with a resolution of 2480 × 892 px. After opening, it changes the device to the tablet on the screen with an 8-inch diagonal and a screen with 2480 × 2200 pixel screen resolution. The construction of the Mate X Bending masterpiece is very complex and contains more than 100 components. The heart of the device is SoC Kirin 980 and has 8 GB of RAM. The storage capacity is 512 GB. Your device has two 4500 mAh-enabled batteries. It charges up to 85% from a 85-hour charger with 85 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the leading manufacturers of this type of device. It is difficult to say whether this concept will be taken soon, or not at least in the flagship segment. The situation will be clearer when the initial illusion disappears and everyone who wants to meet their "needs". After opening your device with a large screen and some tablet features, it has been proven that the tablets did not reach the consumer segment too much. But Samsung and Huawei are producing tablets, so their marketing experts have taken it into account.

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