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Redmi Note 7 Pro got better processor and more memory, and the price did not move too much

Redmi note 7 pro

Xiaomi has sold its sold devices under the name of Redmi. Over a month ago, we introduced Redmi Note 7 with an excellent traditional price / gear ratio.

Redmi Note 7 may not be enough for everyone. If someone wants more, they can better serve Redmi Note 7 Pro. Both devices have a lot of logic in common. Redmi Note 7 has a newer version, has a powerful processor and more memory capacity.

Design has not changed Let's see It will appear at the top of the top of the screen, fine chin and side edges. However, it turns the glass on the back Gorilla Glass 5We are finally in the fronton.

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Elastic and glossy surfaces stand out brightly colored transitions, then more and more mobile phone manufacturers are using it.

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 7 Prok 6.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2380 x 1080 pixels, Like the usual Redmi 7 release. Applies to cameras.

48 Mpx Sony IMX586 image sensor You can manage 4K video in 30 fps (slow slow 120 fps), real-time HDR mode and enjoyable portraits 5-megapixel extra camera. Autoie with what you do 13 Mpx camera.

Look good 4000 mAh battery charging fast charging support 4.0. Attention, the adapter that comes with the device does not make the most of the technology. But you can access Quick Charge 4.0 accessories.

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Redmi Note 7 Qualcomm's all new chips, 11nm Type Snapdragon 675. This piece of silicone can handle challenging games and other similar operations through optimized targeting.

Especially with the connected one 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of storage. The first Redphone phone can have 128GB of memory. The memory card slot is also damaged.

But there is also a cheaper version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory, which should work very well.

We also find equipment 3.5 mm audio interfacewaterproof water nano surface p2i and the software's page represents the MIUI 10 environment, which is built on Android 9 Piece OS.

This device is a fundamental price in this class. Rad Redmi Note is accustomed to the best in this direction, and there is no exception 7 Note. Version 4/64 GB it will go through the conversion 173 euros. Type 6/128 GB unique 210 euros.

Of course, taking into account the European price, local distribution costs and taxes, will be important. We do not know so far, as much as Redmi 7. Note. Today, we hope both news appear in our country and in other European regions. However, the availability was not confirmed directly.

Maybe Xiaomi does not find it.

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