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Scooter KUGOO KIRIN M4 – up to 45 km / h, 45 km range, for a price not previously available here

S electric scooters in larger cities we already meet every day. The modern trend in passenger transport is gaining momentum and with it are constantly coming new models to the market, which try to attract potential customers to the latest technical gadgets. However, a large portion of the electric scooters on the market do not meet all the requirements of more demanding customers. However, the hole in the market for more advanced scooters can be filled beautifully by an electric scooter KUGOO KIRIN M4, will also be attractive to those who travel relatively long distances every day with its specifications.

You can find the KUGOO KIRIN M4 scooter at a good price on

Great and comfort at the same time

KUGOO KIRIN M4 is equipped with an electric scooter 10-inch tires with non-slip tread, in addition to ensuring the suspension of natural imbalance, along with front and rear suspension, they ensure a shorter braking distance and better grip in bad weather and wet roads.

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3 driving modes

You control the speed of the scooter with the classic accelerator, which is directly on the handlebar lever. However, you can adjust your route with a click, depending on the condition of the road or the type of road, at most 3 driving modeswhich regulate the power of the engine itself.

Maximum speed is almost the same as in classic motor vehicles

It is very likely that the KIRIN M4 scooter on heavy traffic will not become a “snail” on the road. A powerful electric motor with a power of up to 500 W guarantees a maximum speed of up to 45 km / h, which is rich enough to make quick trips around the city or to commute from suburban areas (e.g. to a dam).

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Integrated LED display

Thanks to what was built LED display directly on the handle you don’t have to worry about the rest of the network, battery status, or current speed, even in low light conditions.

Robust construction but at the same time portable

Thanks to its unique solid folding construction, the scooter is not only reversible, it also withstands high heights load up to 150 kg. Of course, there is a robust braking system that is adapted to high load capacity. You will find disc brakes on both wheels.

You can find the KUGOO KIRIN M4 scooter at a great price on

Electric scooter KUGOO KIRIN M4 At this point you can buy it in the e-store 507.39 euros, sent free of charge from the European warehouse without any other charges such as customs duties or VAT. However, don’t forget to include it in the shopping cart to see the price discount coupon “GKB267S”. You get it thanks to the current Black Friday promotion skateboard backpack and gloves as a gift!

KUGOO S1 Plus – a cheaper and more compact alternative

Are you looking for a cheaper and slightly more compact scooter? In that case, make sure you don’t miss the action New KUGOO S1 Plus modelwhich one you are buying 270.89 euros sent free of charge from the EU warehouse – Discount Coupons “BLACK5„.

KUGOO S1 Plus can be found on the website for 270 euros from the EU warehouse

The KUGOO S1 Plus is equipped with a scooter 350W electric motor, In partnership with the 7.5AH battery that guarantees inter-level warranty 25-30 km and maximum speed 30 km / h. Tubeless du 8 inch perforated wheels, as well as a shock absorber on the front wheel mechanical + electric brake. Its advantage is also a more compact design and better transmission when traveling, e.g. on public transport or by car.

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