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Sixth: Without change we would not succeed. Let’s not fool Tarkovich


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The Slovak Football Association made a bet when he replaced the national team coach a month before the end of the Euro qualifiers. Even considering the September and October results and the depression in the game, it would be a bigger bet to continue without change.

“I accepted a 100% change in the bench. I dare say we would not have gone up to the Euro without it,” said Stanislav Šesták (37), the 2010 World Cup qualifier shooting hero with the departure of Pavel Hapal and the arrival of so far temporary Štefan Tarkovič.

Former assistant to Ján Kozák st. he has the first two games behind him. He was successful in the semi-finals of the Northern Ireland qualifiers on Thursday (after a 2: 1 extra time), while on Sunday the Slovaks took the first attempt to secure their first victory in the League of Nations (1-0 at home to Scotland).

Stanislav Šesták, now Poprad’s second league vice-president and sporting director, spoke to Š not only about the coach’s benefits.

Slovakia is eager to move up to EURO by 2020

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We played the same thing around with no new ideas

How did you experience the difficult tactical battle of Belfast?

“After a poor result and performances in the last year and a half, I was full of hope. The management of the football association took a good step in exchange for the coaches. The impetus came, we changed our approach. Despite the mistakes, the team was more cohesive and aggressive. We relied on balanced defense, experienced Tomáš “Hubočan’s return is in control. We were in control of the game in the middle of the pitch.

Did you believe in the team’s good reaction to the previous bad period?

“I knew that the return of the implementation team led by Štefan Tarkovič would change the atmosphere. I welcome the address of the trio of Tomáš Hubočan, Adam Nemec and Martin Škrtel, they all ended early. And so did Vlad Weiss, although in the end only the former joined.”

What have been the main drivers of the crisis and the bad atmosphere in recent months?

“I’ll go back to the beginning of the title. Four experienced players from the national team finished in a row, including Weissa. The team needs to be a balanced age. When the older generation explodes at the same time, it shows. Young people need time and space to grow with experienced players.

Coach Hapal did not help with the situation surrounding the coronavirus. However, I felt like we were playing the same idea or without the same system change. Although the usual concept didn’t work. We didn’t play on the team. Everything seemed nice and calm to me, the boys didn’t fight for each other. ”

Weren’t you afraid of a change of coach a month before the end of the fight for the European Championship?

“I would have accepted a 100% change in the chair. I would have dared to say that without that we would not have risen to the euro.”

The wings are not winged, we have no shooters

After the arrival of coach Tarkovič you named the positives, what did you miss?

“We need alternatives for offensive positions. We are missing a striker, now we only have the injured Rob Boženík. Mišo Ďuriš also alternates only at the top, but I am happy with the Northern Ireland goal situation. is there.

We played against the Scots without wings. The center of the backup was arranged, the lines worked together, but the game wasn’t faster. The plan went ahead, but the task of coach Tarkovich is to find players who are able to push against each other. The current wing should be ordered or given to people who are not busy. “

Ladislav Borbély and Albert Rusnák.

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In the national team, you experienced Vladimír Weiss or Miroslav Stoch on the wing when they were at the peak of their performance. Today, such dribbles are missing from the team. What can Stefan Tarkovic do?

“The wings are important and, for example, in Albert Rusnák I don’t see the parameters of a wing. I accept the argument that he is a midfielder, but Pavel Hapal didn’t have to put himself on the wing ten times in a row.

The coach should clearly explain the instructions and expectations to the student; in addition, the typology of players in individual positions should also be considered. It’s a mistake to have wingers who act like midfielders and be sure to look for passes instead of unusual solutions. That takes away the chance to surprise the opponent. “

What could be the solution for non-busy players?

“The team has a break until March, during which time more players can jump. Vlado Weiss has a lot of quality and self-confidence, he needs to be healthy and well-prepared. He has half a year to get into the right shape and form. Miňo Stoch, who is a member of the club, has no choice but to join the game. Robo Mak has to fight for more space. Michal Ďuriš is also an alternative, with more value on the wing than on the wing.

Tomáš Suslov from Groningen fascinated me immensely in ‘Twenty Units’. He is only 18 years old, but his level was higher than the others. He can win a great football player at the club, which could be important for the national team next year. He will have performance fluctuations, he needs to gain experience, but I would give him a chance already in the Czech Republic. “

Stanislav Šesták (9) celebrates his famous goal in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers at the old Tehelná pole against Poland.

Stanislav Šesták (9) celebrates his famous goal in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers at the old Tehelná pole against Poland.

Source: TASR

The national team also pays the legionnaires

Related to the central position solution, there is talk of a fortunaligista couple, Dávid Strelc from Slovenia in Bratislava and Filip Balaj from Zlaté in Moravia. Have they reached the senior team?

“The shooter is a very interesting player. Two years ago, compared to Boženík, he had the label of a very talented football player, but Robo caught his face and threw a place in A and Feyenoord. The shooter has no less talent, but play and wave he has to run.

Balaj is the top scorer in the league, but I don’t think he needs to be skilled in the national team jersey after two successful months. I don’t know if the current parameters would be sufficient internationally and would lead to litigation. However, if he continues in the season, he also deserves a chance to show himself. “

Do you recommend hosting Sagittarius to have game practices, to gain experience, and to “catch” Božík?

“Then we realized. Maybe a new coach will come in a month and he will work more patiently with Sagittarius. He has the ability to play in the starting lineup. The football association should think more about home players and limit the number of legionaries. Two Fortuna League representatives and it is also paying for a team with a narrow circle of experts, not to mention that a higher proportion of home players would also increase audience interest.

When I came back from abroad, I played in the cup against Ľub Šatek from Dunajská Streda. He was an interesting talent, but he was far from the top defender. If he hadn’t been given a chance at the DAC, he wouldn’t have sold Lech to Poznan, he wouldn’t have become a leader, he wouldn’t have played a tough game in Europe and he wouldn’t be benefiting the national team now. We need to motivate clubs to have confidence in young home footballers. ”

Would you continue to lobby for Adam Nemc to return to the national team or would you allow younger attackers?

“He has said he will not help the team at the moment. His situation at the club could improve or change his workplace. When he plays and scores, it would be a beneficial alternative.”

Marek Hamšík.

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Will Slovakia be competitive in the European Championship in the company of Spain, Poland and Sweden?

“They will be seen before the tournament, depending on the form, the club of the players or the injuries. Well, we can move on from the team. We need to work on alternative systems and game organization. If we decorate that and find players for positions that concern us today, we can be uncomfortable again. for anyone “.

Should Štefan Tarkoviček lead Slovakia in the tournament? There are also coaches Pavel Vrba and Vladimír Weiss st …

“I’m sure coach Tarkovic will stay on the bench. If not, it will be a big mistake, even if I like both respected and appointed coaches. Tarkovič deserves a chance, he should get it after Kozák finished. He got into a difficult situation and got us to the Euro. Again if we closed it, we would be really deceived. “

Payment for humiliation in the Brick Field

Slovak footballers will end a challenging year, bought in euros, which will be bought by the League of Nations in the Czech Republic (from 20:45). If the winners and Israel do not win Scotland at home, they will be saved in the second performance category:

“On the other hand, the Czechs can go up, they will go to victory. I don’t think we will be weaker again in both classes than in the first game of September (1: 3). Our defense works much better, it also has to avoid an attack. We have to settle for the Czechs and Tehelné returned to the pole of their humiliation. “

Celebrations of Slovak football players in the locker room after rising to EURO 2020:

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