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The EEI wants to leave Kosice asking for compensation before the end of the contract

Parking Košice

The EEI has decided to leave the baskets and do not operate an Eastern metropolitan parking lot.

The end of the company requires the ending of the contract, in order to make available parking infrastructure for market conditions and pay damages. In the press conference in Bratislava on Sunday, the EEI said.

Peter Hollý, spokesman for Kosice, states that after the legal decisions to cooperate with the parking lots of the Iparralde in the payment of public parking and the operational selection of car parks, the 2012 contract is maintained. However, the company does not want to extend the current situation, both parties. "We want to leave Kosice, we will not evaluate the predecessor of the city or the current management of our comprehensive parking system, we will not work with such people," said Holly.

According to him, the company will continue to negotiate with the city of Kosice to resolve the dispute and terminate the original contract. The EEI premise is committed to the integrated infrastructure under the market conditions and is a clearing-off agreement with the business plan response. According to Andrey Leontiev, in the opinion of the IEE Representative, there is currently no specific amount.

"The internal parking system market value should be valued by an independent expert, it should not be in conflict, the second is to end the original business plan and reduce it by 70% if the duration of the contract decreases, so to speak," Leontiev said. In his words, it would be desirable to make a financial agreement. "But if it is not feasible, the first infrastructure must be tackled, and then the loss of lost earnings, which can be evaluated by an independent organization, does not hinder", he said.

Representatives of the EEI have indicated that the positive attitude of the city and the resistance to previous judgments will not help the situation. Leontiev stated that Košice's court had begun. "He may repeat the city repeatedly so that the EEI can not respect the previous sentence for support for public parks to be paid," said the lawyer. Holly believes that the attitude of the city does not respect the principles of the legal norm. In this sense, it also modifies the paid parking lot, which generally regulates the binding (WRC).

The execution court of Banská Bystrica provided an execution order against Košice City Council for a court action in Bratislava, in the context of the agreement agreed upon in July 2012 in the car park parking paid publicly and parking spaces in its territory. . The Kosovar Mayor, Jaroslav Polas, issued a court ruling, but the city will use all legal instruments to reverse this situation. According to him, the municipality will carry out WRC modifications and, as of January 1, 2019, the ERA was converted into an exclusive parking lot in the car park area. VZN has a more legal force than Bratislava's resolution.

Traffic police patron of January 31, 2012

chapterVehicle type and color
Bratislavský kraj24 patrols labeled police vehicles and motorcycles and 10 unmarked police patrols
D1Škoda Superb brown, Audi blue
D2Wonderful silver
Neighborhood SenecŠkoda Fabia blue
neighborhood MARed VW Golf
PK districtVW Golf white
BA – cityVolkswagen Golf Blue
BA – cityGray SEAT Leon
BA – cityŠkoda Fabia blue
neighborhood MA, PK, SCVW Golf Blue
Trnavský kraj13 patrols labeled police and motorcycles and 5 police patrols
Highway D1, Highway R1Audi A4 gray, Škoda Excellent gray
neighborhood GalantaVW Golf white
Trnava neighborhoodŠkoda Supeb black
TT regionVW Black Passat
Trenčiansky kraj16 patrols tagged police vehicles and motorcycles and 5 unmarked police patrols
Highway D1Audi A4 silver
Partizánske neighborhoodVW Golf Blue
Považská Bystrica and PúchovŠkoda Fabia blue
Prievidza neighborhoodŠkoda Excellent dark brown
Neighborhood of Trenčín and IlavaŠkoda Fabia blue
Nitriansky kraj19 patrols labeled police cars and motorcycles and did not mark 11 police patrols
Nitra and the neighborhood of Zlaté MoravceSEAT Leon silver, Kia Ceed brown
Neighborhood Nové ZámkyŠkoda Fabia blue, Škoda Superb brown
Levice neighborhoodŠkoda Superb gray, VW Golf black
neighborhood KomárnoŠkoda Fabia blue, VW Golf gray
neighborhood TopoľčanyŠkoda Fabia gray, Škoda Excellent gray
district ŠaľaŠkoda Fabia blue
Banskobystrický kraj17 police patrols tagged with patrol vehicles and motorcycles and 14 police patrols
Banská Bystrica neighborhoodVW Golf White, VW Golf Gray
Neighborhood BreznoWhite Kia White
District LučenecŠkoda Fabia white
Neighborhood RevúcaVW Golf black
Rimavská Sobota neighborhoodGray SEAT Leon, Škoda Fabia white
neighborhood Veľký KrtíšWhite Kia White
Zvolen neighborhoodVW Golf white, VW Passat 2x blue and black
Žiar nad Hronom neighborhoodŠkoda Fabia white
R1 KDI DO (District BB, ZV, ZH, ZC)Audi A4 black, Škoda Superb black
Žilinský kraj14 patrols labeled police cars and motorcycles and not marked 9 police patrols
Čadca district, Kysucké Nové MestoVW Golf black
neighborhood Dolný Kubín, Tvrdošín, NámestovoŠkoda Fabia white
neighborhood Liptovský MikulášVW Golf Gray, Audi A4 Blue
Martin neighborhood, Turčianske TepliceVW Golf dark blue, VW Passat dark blue
neighborhood Žilina, BytčaŠkoda Superb black, VW Golf black, VW Golf blue
Prešovský kraj18 police patrols marked with vehicles and motorcycles and 7 police officers
Highway D1Škoda Superb silver, Passat black sedan, Audi A4 black combi
neighborhood PrešovVW Golf Blue
neighborhood SvidníkŠkoda Fabia white
Vranov nad Topľou districtŠkoda Fabia white
Stará Ľubovňa neighborhoodVW Golf black
Košický kraj16 patrols labeled police cars and motorcycles and did not mark 8 police patrols
Košice-okolie neighborhoodŠkoda Superb black, VW Passat red
Košice neighborhoodVW Golf Variat black
Neighborhood Michalovce, SobranceVW Golf gray, Škoda Fabia blue
Trebišov neighborhoodŠkoda Fabia white
Spišská Nová Ves neighborhoodVW Golf gray
Košice district D1, R2, R4; Košice – OkolieGray SEAT Leon

The change develops the current state of traffic safety.

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